Friday, December 11, 2009

SPM was over

and i don't know why
but somehow i felt kinda bored

i was so excited to finish school before
but now, i'm not so sure about it anymore

there's no more school
i didn't know what to do

no more homework needed to be done
and no more book needed to be revised

i might die bcoz of boredom
haha xD

neway, December might be a busy month for me
a lot of things needed to be done
till 1st Jan comes around

my uncle asked us
the cousins to perform during my cousin's wedding
on 1st Jan

so we need to practice hard
for it to be perfect

i'll upload the video
if there's one. haha ;P

and i'll be going to sabah
on 23rd Dec till 29th Dec

oh, i am so gonna miss my friends
we must hang together next year
okeyh guys ?

don't forget all the plans
that we've made.
haha =)

till then,
toodles~ ^-^

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


whew ! SPM is finally over.
i felt such a great relieved.
felt like a big burden on my shoulder has fade away
heee ^-^

this year is coming to an end
and I've gone through A LOT
there have been ups and downs in my studies and emotion
and i also realized that I'm not who i am back than

people change with time
just like a caterpillar that metamorphosed into a beautiful butterfly
as time passed by,
we all changes even with the slightest change

i know people around me have been talking
about me changing into someone different
even if they never mention it out loud
i do know that they were talking

but hey people !
i don't really change that much
maybe as for u guys,
it might looked like a big change
but, it's NOT

I've been this way since before
i have always been like this
ask my family
just that none of u really have the slightest intention
to get to know me that well

i know people are blaming them
for my ups and downs in my studies
and people are blaming them
for the changes that I've gone through

but just so u know
they are NOT the blame for all that
it's all me
i am responsible for everything i did

so i really hope that all of u
would STOP blaming them
stop blaming MY FRIENDS


p/s ; morphine ? i don't do drugs
margarita ? i don't drink
Marlboro ? i don't smoke
mango ? i never knew that it comes in mango flavour. HAHA ;D
but i do <33 MNG ^-^

Friday, November 6, 2009

es-pi-em [SPM]


i can't believe that there is only 1 week left till the big day come.

wish me luck okeyh people.
i really hope that i will pass my SPM with flying colours.

Ya Allah,
kau kurniakanlah Sarah Bt Osman otak yang cerdas
dan ingatan yang kuat.
permudahkanlah dirinya untuk menajawab soalan peperiksaan nanti.
permudahkanlah dirinya untuk menerima dan mengingati
segala apa yang dipelajarinya dan dibacanya.
kurniakanlah dirinya 10A+ dalam peperiksaan SPM 2009 nanti.
Amin Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.

thank you people ^-^

Thursday, October 22, 2009

To All Form4 Students

Good luck for your final exam guys ^-^

and to you ;

i wanna see how far and how good you were without me
since when u're with me, you can't pay any attention to ur studies right
i bet u can do so when u're with her.


i wanna see how great ur final exam result will be
i wanna see u be at the top position in ur class
and i bet u'r mom doesn't scold u anymore right.

aku pasti kau punya result mesti GEMPAK punya lahh.


and and, i also heard that ur discipline agk menurun dlm pengawas.
what happen eyh ?
i tot i'm d one that made u sorta bad.
i guess that proves that i'm NOT.

ahha ;D

Thursday, October 15, 2009


tadi time BM, like always
cikgu akan bagi motivation or even some advice
i love her when she do that ^-^

since SPM was just around the corner
so, cikgu gave us some advice
on the technique of how we should study
until the big day come

so one of her advice that really caught my ear was ;
buat baik dan jaga hubungan baik dengan ibubapa, guru dan KAWAN-KAWAN
barulah boleh berjaya

i guess she was right
see, we do need friends in our life
so, to those out there who think that they can survive without ANY friends
i think u should really think twice about it

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Forgive and Forget (?)

yeah, it is so much easier to apologise to people
after mistakes had been done

so much easier to forgive people for their mistakes
after all, we are humans

but to forget is so much harder

you don't easily forget ur memories
especially when it was the sweet one and even the bitter one

you don't easily torn up somebody's heart or soul
with all your promises and words
and in the end, apologise for what you have done

what do you expect ?
you expect them to just forget about it ?
pfft. it might takes time

i had forgive you a long time ago
but, to forget ?
i don't know.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Quality Time

today i spent some quality time with my mom
just the two of us
i love spending time with her

my mom made an appointment for me at 3
so i had facial and my mom had her hair spa

since both of us haven't had our lunch yet,
so we decided to go and eat at nz

while waiting for our food
my mom suddenly said ;
"kalau mama tanya nie, along jangan mara eyh ?"

i was like ;
"mmm, okeyh. pasal ape ? pasal tudung eyh ?"
*yew. aku tak pakai tudung time tuhh. pegi lahh mengumpat*

then my mom said ;
"tak lahh. bukan pasal tuhh. along ngn ______ ade papew kew ?"

me *muke lega. HAHA* ;
"takde lahh. cuzin jew. perlu kew ade papew ? HAHA. knp ?"

so the conversation goes on
i even told her the BIG secret that i know
and asked her some advice on it

i really like the way she approached me tadi.

i felt very happy everytime we had the mother-daughter talk
she can be a great friend when i need somebody to talk to
and a great mother when i need some wise advice


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Missing You

i love it when you always smell nice.
i love the smell of your perfume.

awwww. i think i'm falling for you.
ahha ^-^

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hari Raya

first of all, i wanted to say that this entry will be VERY long. trust me when i said VERY long. HAHA. so it's up to u if u wanna read it ^-^


woke up early and helped nenek cooked rendang.
technically, i cook the rendang this year. ahha =D
mak long and fina made the sandwich cake which is our family tradition cake.
u won't get it anywhere else. hehe ^-^
then, i have to wash the large wok that we used to cook the rendang.
send ija to lrt station.
bake some cookies with teefa and ika.
while waiting, i helped nenek, my mom and my aunts with their inai.
work non-stop till night and sleep around 4 a.m.
i am damn effing tired.

1st RAYA

woke up around 9. HAHA =D
pak ngah and family were already here during subuh.
early huhh ?
it took 2 hours for us girls to get ready. ahha ^-^
so, after all of us were ready, it's time for a family photo.
all the granddaughters of haji nasir took a picture together.
but, too bad. aina was not here.
if only u came early that day dear cuzie.

my grandparents. they're cute together ^-^
they've been married for 52 years now.

mak long's family.

pak ngah's family.

mak lang's family. which is my family =)
it has been 7 years since my dad passed away.
may ALLAH bless him.

ucu's family. pak ucu is the photographer of the family. hehe ;)

the grandchildren of Haji Nasir.
only pak uda's children weren't here.
we are a very happy small family =)

too bad that pak uda and family was not here early. so sorry aina.
that night, i went karaoke with my paternal cousins around 12 a.m.
and got back home around 4 a.m.
it was a BLAST night ;)

2nd RAYA

juz sit at home coz there were people coming over.
people came non-stop till night.
penat tahu ?

3rd RAYA

went to my nenek saudara house somewhere in bangi.
and that afternoon went to pak uda's house.
then went to the curve and had our dinner there.

4th RAYA

went to shah alam to nek andak's and nek teh's house.
then went to sacc mall and finally to ou to search for tifa's prom dress.
and she finally got one.
which cost about rm 300.
it's a really beautiful one =)

p/s ; more pictures coming later. heee~ ^-^

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Little Conversation

B : yang mane ?
A : yang tuhh.
B : tak lawa pown (sambil buat muka)
A : ........... (terdiam sebentar) HAHAHAHA =D


C : A, yang mane satu ?
A : yang kat depan tuhh.
C : mane ?
A : yang _________ skeyt tuhh.
C : tak cantik pown.
A : .......... (sekali lagi terdiam) HAHAHAHAH =D


D : sape sape ?
A : yang _________ tuhh lar
D : lorh. dye kew ? tak lawa lahh. kalau aku, aku pilih kau.
A : .............. (reaksi biase. terdiam kejap) HAHAHAHA =D


tuhh jew lahh yang aku mampu buat bila orang cakap pasal kau. aku cuma mampu diam dan ketawa. aku tak boleh berkata lebih. tuhh pendapat dan pandangan diorang. kan kan ? ^-^


Sunday, September 13, 2009


this video is specially dedicated to you.

I see your face in my mind as I drive away
'Cause none of us thought it was gonna end that way
People are people and sometimes we change our minds
But it's killing me to see you go after all this time

Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm
Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm

Music starts playin' like the end of a sad movie
It's the kinda ending you don't really wanna see
'Cause it's tragedy and it'll only bring you down
Now I don't know what to be without you around

And we know it's never simple, never easy
Never a clean break, no one here to save me
You're the only thing I know like the back of my hand

And I can't breathe
Without you, but I have to
Without you, but I have to

Never wanted this, never want to see you hurt
Every little bump in the road I tried to swerve
People are people and sometimes it doesn't work out
Nothing we say is gonna save us from the fall out

And we know it's never simple, never easy
Never a clean break, no one here to save me
You're the only thing I know like the back of my hand

And I can't breathe
Without you, but I have to
Without you, but I have to

It's two a.m., feelin' like I just lost a friend
Hope you know it's not easy, easy for me
It's two a.m., feelin' like I just lost a friend
Hope you know this ain't easy, easy for me

And we know it's never simple, never easy
Never a clean break, no one here to save me, oh

I can't breathe
Without you, but I have to
Without you, but I have to
Without you, but I have to

p/s ; sorry for the unpleasant voice. and just ignore the sound of the fan and the messy room. i know i got some of the lyrics wrong. sorry bout that too.

Friday, September 11, 2009

I Don't Understand

i don't understand why this happen
and i don't really understand why it happen in the first place

if possible,
i don't want this to happen
i want things back the way they were
i want things back to normal

i don't understand why you have to pull your face with me
have i done something wrong ?
or maybe, just maybe you think that i was pulling my face at you
while the fact is that I'm not.

coz i will never do that
i've tried smiling at you
but then, you'll pull your face away

i've tried talking to you
but then again, you will pull your face away

you will turn your back away
when you see me or whenever i came near you
do you know how much it hurts me ?
do you even bother to care ?

seriously, it does.

it may not show on the outside
but it feels deeply in the inside

i laugh loud to hide what i feel
i smile a lot so that nobody knows what is bugging me
i pretend that i have no problems when i'm with them
and only with them, i can forget all of my problems

and i really really hope Ya Allah,
that things will be back to the way it were

p/s ; i kept all your messages and i hold your promises. and mine too. i still remember my promise to you.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Don't Want

anything that can jeopardise our friendship to happen.
i love the friendship that i have.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


saya malas dan tak suka nak bergaduh dan bertikam lidah
apatah lagi sekarang ini bulan Ramadan
bulan yang mulia

oleh itu,
saya dengan rendah diri dan hati yang ikhlas
mengatur sepuluh jari memohon maaf kepada semua

maaf andai tingkah laku ini tidak disenangi
maaf andai kata-kata pernah mengguris hati
maaf andai perlakuan diri tidak disukai

jika terdapat apa-apa kesalahan yang pernah saya lakukan kepada semua
dalam sedar ataupun tidak
saya minta maaf

maaf dari hujung rambut hingga hujung kaki
maaf dari badan kanan hingga badan kiri

harap maaf saya ini diterima oleh semua.

yang ikhlas ;

Friday, September 4, 2009

Haihh =.=

having a fever during fasting month and trial was so not cool

haihh =.=

kau tak perlu jadi kakak mahupun adik untuk rasa marah
kau tak perlu jadi form 1 atau form 5 untuk rasa tak puas hati
kerana kakak mahupun adik,
form1 atau form 5
kedua-duanya ialah manusia yang punya hati dan perasaan

ehem. kau nk ckp aku cari pasal ?
cube kau fikir dalam-dalam dan jauh-jauh
sape yang cari pasal dengan sape dulu ?

minta maaf pown penat kew ?
nampak sangat tak ikhlas.
kalau ikhlas, takkan timbul rasa penat dan menyesal

dan lagi satu, ape bukti kau yang aku kutuk kau ?
ape bukti kau yang aku kutuk kau dalam bulan puasa nie ?
sedap mulut kau jew kan fitnah orang
kau tak fikir pulakk yang kau tuhh menfitnah dalam bulan puasa

dan aku nak tanya kau
apa eyh yang aku dapat kalau aku kutuk kau ?
perlu kew aku kutuk kau ?
kau bukan siapa-siapa dalam hidup aku
jadi aku rase tadew sebab untuk aku ambil kisah pasal kau

aku tak pernah mengharapkan apa-apa dari kau
pernah kew aku suruh kau minta maaf ?
pernah kew aku suruh kau mengaku kesalahan kau ?
yang kau nak terasa lebih kenapa ?
nampak sangat kau dah buat salah

lagi satu
ape bukti kau yang aku tak ikhlas maafkan kau ?
kau boleh baca hati aku kew ?
apa yang ada kat dalam hati aku nie
kau takkan tahu
kau mungkin boleh buat andaian
tapi andaian tuhh salah

ingin aku tekankan kepada kau
aku tak benci kau
dan aku tak perlu untuk membenci kau
ia tak memberi apa-apa manfaat kepada aku

dan senyuman aku itu ikhlas
tiada apa yang tersirat mahupun tersurat
jadi, tolong jangan cakap ikut sedap mulut
fikir dahulu sebelum berkata-kata

p/s ; kalau kau rasa ini tiada kaitan dengan kau, jangan nak terasa lebih.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


haha. title tanak bla owh ;D

okeyh. juz wanted to tell u guys that i may not update this blog much anymore
since there are so many stalkers out there

so i made a new one
more private one

to u guys out there
who still wanna read my blog
just simply leave ur email add at the cbox or the comment of this entry

that's all
thank u neway

p/s ; url for new blog ' ' . LALA , bley eyh tiru ejaan rwksta ? heee ^___^

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


It’s funny yet very sad to know that
one(s) who u considered as ur bestfriend(s) didn’t think the same way bout u
I mean it’s sad to just think about it

U’ll end up feeling like a loser at the end of the day
Pathetic huhh ?

People around u might just give the same cliche advice
Just chill. People are like that. And what so ever

But u can’t just neglect how u felt right ?

This is how I feel lately
I don’t really know why
Mungkin aku yang terase lebih

Hmm, mungkin.

tapi knp kalau aku yang terasa lebih salah ?
kalau orang itu ialah kau,
ia akan menjadi satu perkara yang betul sebetul-betulnya

mungkin aku tak layak untuk rasa sebegitu.

maaf jika aku ketiadaan kredit utk bertanya khabar
i was not born with silver spoon in my mouth
maaf jika aku tidak menyapa mahupun meninggalkan comment di laman sesawang yang ada
aku tidak selalu berada di atas talian

tapi itu semua tidak bermakna aku tidak kisah
tidak bermakna aku tidak peduli
aku sudah tahu khabar dari sumber yang boleh dipercayai

mungkin aku juga salah
tidak menyuruh orang yang sepatutnya bertanyakan khabar
aku juga salah
kerana tidak menyuruh orang yang sepatutnya menyampaikan salam

memang aku yang salah
semua kesalahan dilemparkan kepada aku
memang aku yang terasa lebih
tapi itu hak aku

p/s ; enuf with the sarcasm already. Who do u think I am ? A heartless human being ?

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Syaaban has gone and here comes Ramadan
i hope that it's not too late for me to wish u guys happy fasting ;)

it feels like time is flying by so fast
feels like just yesterday i was taking PMR
and now i'm sitting for SPM

with Ramadan here,
SPM feels so close

i am so not ready yet

i know i have to face it sooner or later
but i couldn't bare thinking about it

i don't think I'm ready to grow up yet
and i don't even know when I'll be ready

what am i gonna do after SPM ?
i am so gonna miss my friends and school

I'm gonna miss the high school drama
and all the school activities

i can't imagine my life without school
who would ever thought that I'd be missing school this much.
HAHA ^__^

this thought keeps bugging me nowadays
hmmm, I'm scared to just think about the future

it's a big responsibility of being an adult
will i be able to hold that responsibility ?

Friday, August 21, 2009

21st Aug

happy birthday dear friend.
may Allah bless u and may u have a prosperous life.
have a healthy and wealthy life. ahha ;D
owh. and, may u achieve all ur dreams and hopes in life ^____^

lotsa love ;
saraseyra <3

Friday, August 14, 2009

Prefect's Gathering

nasyid performance by Al-Manna.
sedap kn ?
me likey ^_____^

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bcoz of You

i cried twice today
juz because of you
but i don't think you notice that
since you don't have a clue

this fragile heart of mine
has been broken by so many times
yet it never hated them
who had done such a scam

I'm not in the mood today
that's why i play
as if i am okay
while the real thing is everything was grey

but no matter how i tried
to hide what's inside
people would juz might
know even juz in a sight

to those who ask
why I'm so blue
i don't know what to say
or what i should do

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ku Katakan Dengan Indah

trial is juz a few days away.
and here i am, sitting down in front of my laptop blogging about nothing.

owh. and this is the video that i made this evening.
i was so boring and decided to make this video.
i made it juz for fun. so enjoy. HAHA =D

actually, there are a lot of stuff that i kept inside me.
juz waiting for the right time to finally burst out.

but, i don't really know when.
i don't really have the guts to let it all out juz yet.

wish me luck with the trial guys =)

p/s ; i know my voice is bad. but, who cares. i'm not a singer. ahha =D

Monday, August 10, 2009

Deep Down Inside

I'm a rebellious kid.
and I've always been that way.

juz that i don't really have the guts to do what i feel.
maybe that's the difference between me and other rebellions out there.
I'm not that brave nor daring.

i am so tired of the good girl image that people gave me.
they wanted me and expected me to be the way they want me to be.
a good girl.

and now I'm finally have the guts to do what i feel.
this is what happened when my rage gets control of me.

goodbye school.
and hello home.

so to YOU ________,
don't ever try to challenge me with something.
coz when I've the guts to do it,

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Super Bish !

PERINGATAN : entri ini mungkin panjang nya berjela. ayat nya juga mungkin penuh dengan kata-kata amarah kerana penulis sedang menulis mengikut emosi. *HAHA. poyo jew ayt*


korang nie kenape eyh sbnr nye ?
knp perlu ade rase tak puas hati ?
knp perlu rse tercabar dan tergugat dgn aku ?
pelik. sungguh pelik !

korang dpn aku bukan main baik lagi.
macam malaikat.
blkg aku, kutuk aku habis-habisan kan ?
korang fikir aku tak tahu ?
korang fikir aku bodoh sangat kew macam korg ?

hey !
cube korg cermin diri korang tuhh dulu.
korg nk ckp org hipokrit ?
korg nk ckp org plastik ?
yang korang FAKE gyler babi tuhh takpe.
tak hipokrit kew name nyew ?!

owh, lpe pulakk.
korg kan mmg baik.
korg kan PERFECT !
aku jew yang jahat.
aku jew yang bish !

wanna know what ?
i regret ever knowing u and told u stories.
coz in the end, u used it to go against me and stabbed me in the back.
dasar kawan makan kawan.

eyh, chop !
kte kawan kew ?
korg kan BERLAKON jew jadi kawan aku.
pfft !

jgn terkejut kalau lps nie aku lyn korg cam palat ;)

lepas berfikir sejenak, baru aku teringat.
selama nie sume bende yang dia cakap kat aku ade betol nya.

aku patut lebih berhati-hati dengan korg yg BUSUK HATI nya.
lepas sume nie berlaku, baru aku tahu dan nmpk ape yg dia mksd kn.

korg mesti gembira dan sedang bergelak ketawa
sampai pecah perut dengan ape yg berlaku kn ?
mklm lahh. korg kan memang tak suka ktorg.
dasar HATI BUSUK !

tengok lahh.
dengan perangai korg yg s**l cam b**i nie,
takde sape yang akan percaya n suke kat korg dahh.
satu hari nanti korg akan dpt blsn nyew jgkk.
what goes around, comes around.
do keep that in mind okeyh Loser !

kpd dia ;
saya minta maaf dari hujung rambut sampai hujung kaki.
harap sume kesalahan saya dimaafkan.
maaf. maaf. maaf dan maaf.
sampai bila kit nak cmnie ??
hmmm =(

Monday, August 3, 2009


i really adore this guy.
he's from Brunei and he wrote this song himself.
it's called kau tahu.
he has such a great voice and he plays the guitar very well.

I'm a huge fan of him.
but i don't really know whether he's an artist or not.

I'm such a fan of guys that can play the guitar.
a great voice is a plus.
heeee ;)

Friday, July 24, 2009


mmm, i juz wanted to let you guys know that i'll no longer be using my phone for some reasons.
if u guys wanted to contact me, juz leave me some comment at my myspace or my blog.

i'm totally in a no-phone mood.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


i don't know what got into me lately
but my mood is like a roller coaster right now

sometimes I'm okeyh
and the next minute
I'll be like all moody and stuff

what is wrong with me ?
why do i feel so empty ?
and lost ?

whatever. juz forget about it.

to all my friends,
i am so sorry if i had hurt u guys in anyway.
sorry for the bad words
sorry for the bad behavior
sorry for everything

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hey Adik !

sdey sgt tp dlm2 sdey pon skang tgh msj gn mundzir...
ye lah...main lah sampai awk tesuke ngan dier...awk ni bkn bole arap
xnk r..
nk setia..ceh!
s...tu ske men kn lelaki..mntg2 die tu cntek!deny taw lps bce..
sape ske main kn laki???x bape paham lah ape yg awk tulis

eee,,yg mke die cm ckgu tuu

hahaha. klaka lahh anda2 ini budak kecik. sumpah kelaka. sampai tegang2 urat akak gelak tahu ? =D

pertama ;
kalau adek2 tanak orang tahu tentang ape yang adek2 sekalian sedang mengumpat kan, xperlu lahh main comment di myspace. kawan adek pown mmg deny sbnr nyew comment tuhh. pandai sungguh lahh adek2 nie ^-^

kedua ;
adek mahu ckp akak suke main kan lelaki ? ehem. cermin diri tuhh dulu yew adek. cbe adek renung dan lihat, diri adek tuhh xmain kan laki kew ? kawan adek sendiri yang cakap adek xboleh harap kn ? kawan baik pulakk tuhh. ape kes ?

ketiga ;
memang akak chantek. kenapa ? cemburu ? HAHAHA =D ( okeyh. ini saje2 perasan okeyh. ignore aje. haha =P ) btw, adek msg dgn ex akak and u really believe what he told u ? haha. kesian adek. kene tipu bulat2. akak kenal dye lebih lama and lebih dalam. so akak tahu mcm mana perangai dye. adek nak terus percaya kan dye, GO AHEAD =D

keempat ;
apa yang adek tak puas hati ngan akak eyh ? tapaham lahh =_=" u didn't even know me pown adek. jadi kenapa perlu judge akak ? adek dahh judge diri sendiri ?

kelima ;
adek nak setia ? HAHAHAHAHAHA =D biar akak gelak puas2 dulu okeyh ? kalau adek setia, kenapa adek break ngan AZRIL ? u think i didn't know ? HAHA =D sesungguh nyew dia sayangkan adek sgt kan ? kata nyew. HAHAHAHA =D

keenam ;
akak tahu adek akan bce entri nie. if bukan adek pown, kawan2 adek kan ? biasa lahh. anda2 seklian kan memang stalker ? haha =D ( why u're so obsessed with me ? *jime n lala, sambung nyanyi. haha =D* )

ketujuh ;
okeyh. sambung membebel. jika adek tak puas hati dengan akak, confront aje okeyh ? itu pown jika adek berani. maklumlah, budak kecik yang rase diri dia dah cukup matang nie selalu nyew berani cakap belakang jew. bila jumpa dpn2 buat muka tak bersalah, konon chomeyl. euwww. nak termuntah tahu ? =)

kelapan ;
akak tak pernah nak cari pasal apatah lagi bergaduh dengan budak kecik macam adek nie. jadi, kenapa adek harus mulakan nya dahulu ?

kesembilan ;
akak juz nak cakap anda sungguh kelakar okeyh adek yang sohai =D

kesepuluh ;
kenapa adek perlu ade perasaan tak puas hati dengan akak eyh ? cemburu kew ? haha =D sesungguh nya jealousy itu tak bagus okeyh adek. im just so damn effing sorry that u're not me =)

p/s ; harry potter boring =|

Monday, July 13, 2009

What Goes Around, Comes Around

apa yang tertulis, tu lahh maksud dye.
haha =D

and it kinda happen to me in a good way.
and i'm glad for that =)

Saturday, July 11, 2009


the more i try to forget you
the more i remember you

the more i try to forget you
the more i miss you

the more i try to hide this feelings
the more i try to deny it
the more i _______

haha. feel in the blanks urself. i am so not ready to share what i feel right now. NOT YET.

i am thinking of you
in my sleepless solitude tonight
if it's wrong to love you
then my heart just won't let me be right
cause i'm drowned in you
and i won't pull through
withought you by my side

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Confession #2

i want the old you back
i never wanted for you to change
please be the old you
i miss the old you

please, please please dear..


p/s ; this is so not about the guy with orange collar on his white t-shirt.

Friday, July 3, 2009


owh dear stalker
do go and get a life okeyh

i'm just so sorry that you are not me
and i am just sorry that my life is better than yours

if you still wanna go and ask you friends to add me and stalk me
go ahead darling
coz it'll only make you much more pathetic than u already were
and it'll only make you more envious than u already did

so my advice to you dear stalker bish
do go and get your own life
and stay away from mine okeyh =)

Monday, June 29, 2009


there are so many things that i wanted to say.
but i don't really know where to start.

i know I'm such a burden
i should never be born into this world
all i ever did was hurt people
and caused problems

i never lied to you
all the things i said was true
i never have any intention of hurting you
but i guess that is what i just did out of blue

everything i told you was sincerely from my heart
but there was a thing that i just realized
and i know it tear your heart apart
but trust me, i never lied to you from the start

I'm sorry to all of you
who i ever hurt or caused problems to

worry no more dear
coz i won't disturb you anymore
wish you all the best in your life
happy always and you'll never be replaced

i always love you mama
and i miss you so much ayah
sometimes i wish you were here
hold me close and shed away my tears

I'm not questioning the fate
nor do I'm blaming my destiny
but i guess I'm not strong enough
to go through all this with my agony

robohkanlah dinding egomu itu sayang
lembutkanlah kekerasan hatimu itu
belajarlah mengalah sesekali waktu
aku terlalu rindu akan dikau yang lalu


Saturday, June 27, 2009


i truly deeply miss you.

i can't lie to myself anymore.

now i've said it,
i feel much better.

i wish that i could turn back time
so that we can be just like before.

p/s ; i am so sorry and i miss you.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


first of all, i wanted to wish a big fat happy birthday to my super gay partner, hanan izzati =)
happy 17th birthday sayangg !!

so today, we (me, nad, hanan and safwan) went to pavilion to celebrate hanan's birthday. our plan was to go for a karaoke at red box. but, the price was way expensive on Sunday. so we decided skipped the karaoke and just went for a lunch instead.

we had our lunch at Carl's Jr. and we spent hours there talking and laughing our lungs out. haha =D the burger was huge. so we decided to share. i shared my food with nad, and hanan shared hers with safwan. awww, they were so sweet. trust me =)

after hours at Carl's Jr, we went to the surau and had our prayer. we just spent a few more hours at pavilion. then back to klcc and back home.

seriously, hanan and safwan were so sweet together today. seeing them together reminds me a lot at the time when i had a boyfriend. haha =P

suddenly, i felt like i miss the moment when i used to have one. don't get me wrong. i don't miss my ex. i just miss the moment that we shared. we would talked, laughed and just enjoyed each second that we shared and spent together.

i am not desperate to have a boyfriend right now. it's not like I'd die without 'em. single is fun. trust me. ;)

and to you my dear, may god bless you and may you pass ur spm with flying colours. smoge berkekalan dengan safwan. love you lots huney <33 xoxo =)

Friday, June 19, 2009


yesterday i received a call from kak hana from Stream Entertainment and Production asking me whether i could come to their place on Friday at 3 which is today or not. they wanted me to do a casting as they are searching for new talents.

so, i said I'm not sure yet since i have to ask my mom first. then that night i told my mom about the call. and whether i could go or not. and she said, why not. then i called kak hana back and told her that i could go.

so, today i went there with my mom. they asked me to fill a form and i did. then kak qys explained a lil bit about the casting to me. if i was accepted in this casting which i'm not confident that i will get, i will have to attend classes which they will train me on how to be a singer, model and actress. HAHA =P

so, the first thing that i was asked to do was pose. i have to pose for 4 different poses. then a closed up photography.

second thing that i got to do was act. they asked me to do 3 different facial expression which were sad, mad and happy.

then, i have to do a lil catwalk and pose.

the last one was my favourite one =) the asked me to sing. so i sung a song called the show by Lenka. i love that song =)

after all that, kak qys called me to her room. she said that i have a great voice but it needed to be brush up a lil bit. and she also said that i have a potential and can go far in modelling. she said that i was thin and tall. bt, i was like what ?? =_=" i am so NOT what she said i am. haha =D

then, she explained to me about the classes. this means that i was accepted. yeayy !!! but, i have to asked my mom first of course. and i didn't make any decision yet whether to accept the offer or not. any oppinion guys ? haha ;)

so that was a lil bit about the casting. toodles ^-^

p/s ; i dont have any attention of bragging okeyh biatch !! ^^

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sleepover At Aina's

we as in me, ija and fyna were having a sleepover at aina's.
fyna went back at 3 p.m. today.
so, while waiting for my mom to pick me up, aina and i decided to make a video.
the video was taken by ija.
so, here is the video.
enjoy !! =)
warning ; before u click the play button, i warn u to buy an ear pluck. HAHA =D

told u to buy an ear pluck. =P btw, we know our voice are not that great.
but, who cares. this video was made juz for fun. LOL ;)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Big P

woohooo !!!

finally i got my P license.

after all the tiring yet fun class
i finally got the big P ^-^

today was my JPJ test
and i would lie if i said that i'm not nervous
i could totally feel the the butterflies in my stomach

so i woke up early in the morn as in 6.30 a.m. and waited for abg faizal, my instructor to pick me up at medan tuanku at 8.
then, we went to dengkil for the test

we arrived there around 9.45 a.m
the 1st session already started
and you know what ?
i got the 3rd session which started at 2.30 p.m.

i was like what ??
what am i supposed to do for that long hours of waiting ?
i could die of boredom

but thank God, i met this group of people and hang out with them

after a long long long hours of waiting,
finally the 3rd session was about to start

so, i went to d office and took my number which is 17, and registered at the JPJ counter
by that time i was super nervous
all i could think about was amie's advice
thnx amie =)

after completed all the task, then it was time for the road test
and again, Alhamdulillah i passed
i' m so glad that i got JPJ officer that kinda cool ;)

special thanx to amie and futra for giving me support throughout the day and pray for me. thnx to my mom and my instructor for all the advice. and thnx for believing in me guys. love ya lots =)

Saturday, May 30, 2009


1. Apa perasaan sekarang?

2. Saya nak makan
baskin and robins.

3. Saya tak suka
stuck in boredem

4. Impian saya
make my mom happy and proud

5. Haiwan yang saya tidak suka
cats. HAHA

6. Saya Harapkan
pass SPM with flying colours

7. Jika boleh di putarkan masa..
i would go back to the past

8.Saya pada 10 tahun akan datang...
i'll be 27 and married kowt. have a stable job with high pay. heee~

9. Handfon saya adalah sebuah...
part of my life. i stay connected with my friends through it

11. Saya pernah bercinta sebanyak....

12. Saya suka pada...
music and my guitar

13. Kawan-kawan saya...
my life

14. Pernah dikhianati?
think so

15. Apa yang anda hendak lakukan terhadap orang yang mengkhianati anda?
silence is d best treatment. so let bygone be bygone.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Haish +_+

juz nk cte pasal td.

td gy mkn kt blue corner. pastu ktorg pown order lahh mknn.
tmpt yg ktowg slalu mkn tuhh tutup. so mkn kt restoran len.

then a few minutes later, mknn smpy.
yg bish nyew, nenek yg anta mknn tuhh tadew budi bahasa langsungg !!
perangai cm haram.
nme kedai sri murni.
tp perangai kau cm bish !

dew kew mse dye anta mknn, dy gy ckp ;

" nie nie. bayar nie " sambil tangan dye tunjuk mknn yg ktowg order tuhh.

if dye ckp ngn lemah lembut dan bersopan santun bley trime agy.
nie x. ckp smbl buat muke.

lalu nenek tuhh pegi dengan membuat muke palat.

owh, well HELLo nenek.
it's not like we're not gonna pay fer our food.
ktowg slalu jew mkn kt blue corner tuhh.
tak pena plakk ktowg lari and tak byr.

kau igt ktorg tak mampu ?
restoran kau mmg VS.

haish =_="

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Puppet I Am

a puppet i am
for you to play with
and throw it when you don't need it

my feelings wasn't important
as a puppet i am
i have to care about your feelings
but you don't have to care bout mine

such a stupid puppet i am
to trust you, to care bout you
and hope you'd understand

but what can a puppet do ?
a puppet will always be a puppet
which it's feelings wasn't important
as a puppet i am

mengapa selalu aku yang mengalah
tak pernah kau berfikir
sedikit tentang hatiku ?


i just lost my most precious thing
the thing that i can never imagine living without

i could never imagine my life without it
and now that it's gone
my life is completely empty, dull, bored and lost

what a life without a soul ?

maybe i rely on it too much
or maybe i hope on it too much
i don't have such intention to do that
but what is past can't be reversed back

now i have to try and learn
to live my life without my most precious thing

i hope my days would be as bright as the day
when my precious thing is there.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

HappyBirthday Amie ;)

happy birthday Amie !! i made this video specially for you =)

p/s ; sory for the bad guitar playing n the bad voice. ;)

Saturday, May 2, 2009


my day is boring, dull and blank.

mid year exam is just around the corner.
and here i am in front of my laptop writing about nothing.

trial and spm.
i am so not ready to face it yet.

i have the eager to study.
but my laziness overcome it all.

can't wait to get my license.
but i am lazy to go and practice.

lazy lazy lazy.
that is what i am now.
such a lazy bummer.

wake up Sara !
there's not much time.
somebody please give her a wake up call.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Write

i write to tell a story
i write to express my feelings
i write to share
i write so that i feel okeyh

i never had any intention
of bragging, hurting others feelings nor selling stories

if it's wrong for me to write
guess i need to find another way for me
to express how i feel so that I'd be okeyh

i need a place to express
how i feel, what I'm thinking and what had happen

i like to share
i like to write

if it so wrong for me to do such thing
then i think I'd go crazy with all my thoughts
that my mind couldn't bear keeping anymore

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


cikgu kate
orang yang hebat takkan tunjuk kehebatan dia

cikgu kate
orang yang makin tinggi kehebatan dia
makin tinggi jugak sifat rendah diri dia

cikgu jugak kate
orang yang tak hebat saja tujukkan kehebatan dia
walaupun dia baru jew belajar kehebatan tuhh

jadi apa guna kau menunjuk ?
kau rase kau hebat ?
kau rase orang kesah ?

tidak langsung.

orang xpena kesa pown actually
coz ramai dah yang boleh lakukan itu

jadi kau sebenarnya tak hebat
sama seperti apa yang cikgu katakan



semua tuhh membawa makna yang sama

kawan ?
kawan tuhh ape ?

kalau takde kawan, hidup pasti susah
tapi, kalau...............pown susah jugakk

kalau ramai kawan, hidup mungkin ceria
tapi akan susah bila..............

aku punya ramai kawan
tak mungkin aku boleh puaskan hati semua

aku jugak manusia
manusia yang punya perasaan
susah untuk aku puaskan hati semua orang

perasaan kawan aku perlu jaga
tapi, perasaan aku ?


kenapa aku yang perlu cari korang ?
salah ke kalau korang yang cari aku ?

kenapa aku yang kena tegur korang dulu ?
salah kew kalau korang yang tegur aku dulu ?

kenapa aku yang salah bila aku tak buat sume tuhh ?
kalau korang pulakk macam mana ?

jadi, YA !
aku SALAH !



i was born by the name sara

but i also have a few names that u can call me;

dilla, aida, hayati, *******, mina,
***, ***, sha, amira, ****, ira,
juliana, tun, nadya and so much more.

haha =D sorry if i offended any of you. this entry is dedicated especially to YOU ! ;)

Monday, April 6, 2009


woah. today was my first official driving lesson.
it was not that bad as i thought it would be.

but my instructor was not pak ali since he can't come in the evening.
my lesson was after school at 3 o'clock. so i got abg faisal instead.
abg ? hmm, I'm not really sure what to call him. since he's not that old.

i had my driving lesson at duke's highway.
I'd be lying if i say that I'm not afraid.
all the cars there are like super fast (exaggerating) . haha =D

but, thank god it turned out so well. i got to drive at 80 km/h. how cool is that ? hehe =p
owh. then, after a while, he asked me to drive at 60 km/h.
but, i kinda like accelerate a lil bit. so he kept telling to slow down a little since i am still new.
and he said that it's okeyh to drive slow. as my safety comes first ;)

i can't wait to get my P. eventhough today was just the first lesson. HAHA =D

p/s ; sory for not updating my blog for such a long time. juz that the Internet at my house has some problems. so i can't online till it gets fix.

Monday, March 9, 2009

I Will Be

this song is dedicated to you huney ;)

Monday, March 2, 2009


haha. imagine that your uncle reads your blog. yes. i repeat, he reads your blog. YOUR BLOG ! how embarrassed is that ? HAHAHA

last Saturday, i spent the whole day with my cousin, Aina and my uncle. the day was great ! seriously, it was GREAT !! who ever thought that my uncle could be so cool ? HAHA

he taught us so many things. about life, music and even photography. he took such a great photo. his snapshots are beautiful. i love the photos that he took. but too bad, I'm not photogenic. haha

on Sunday, Aina, Fina and i went to my aunt's apartment to go for a swim. instead of swimming, we just bath in the pool and talked about boyfriends, the past, our childhood, and stuff. it was loads of fun =)

i love spending times with my cousins and family. I'm glad that i have such a great bond with them. i appreciate every moment that i spent with them. there is nothing that i would trade when i am with them. i love you guys much !! =)

Friday, February 27, 2009

About a Girl

this is a story about a girl
she was the blame for everything twirl
she was said to have a scandal
but the fact is that it was just a label

yes, she did ask for a break up
but that doesn't mean she has to fake out
how she feels or the way she felt
before and after she breaks and cracks

she was blame to have a guy
the reason for her to say goodbye
that was not the reason why
she cries her eyes out to the sky

one thing that she didn't understand
he once so hard to leave her hands
is now happy with someone else
trying to make her down and fell

is he acting or is it true ?
she asked herself everyday till noon
he text her and said i still love you
making her feel so sad and blue

he said that he is down and so do sad
with the break up that she has planned and made
but the way he acted doesn't show the bleed
as if the love already fade and dead

it's not a month yet
how could that be ?
so fast he changed
maybe that was the real he

she didn't regret the decision she made
it's just that she hope he would stop the play
trying to make her feel jealous and sway
instead she feels mad, furious and rage

created and written by ; saraosman

p/s ; if i am the one who is the playgirl, i should have texted or flirting with other guys. but the fact is that, it is you who did so. not even a day after we break up, u already texting and flirting with other girls. so much for "i love you so much and i can't forget you"

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Miss You

i know that it's my fault this happen
and i also know that I'm the blame for all this

I'm not regretting this
it's just the fact that i miss you, us, we
it's the fact that i can't deny

i miss everything about this
i miss our time
i miss our memories
and i miss our laughter
i miss all the joy, the smile and the tears

i miss the time when we sat together at that little corner
starring into each others eyes
talking about how we truly feel
laughing at each others jokes
and feel as if the world is ours

i really, truly, deeply miss that moment

i am not regretting my decision
i just MISS everything about this

p/s ; i am sorry

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


buat anda si lelaki

knp kau begitu sadis ?
sedih aku tgk kau
kau kata kita dah takda pape
tetapi kau terus mencanang nama aku
knp perlu kau terus burukkan aku ?

oh, aku lupa
kau kan insan yang paling mulia di muka bumi ni
kau burukkan orang lain hanya kerana kau ingin kelihatan suci
sadis nya kau

kau jumpa betina itu depan aku,
hanya nak cemburukan aku ?
cetek nya pemikiran kau kalau kau rasa ia akan berjaya
kelakar lahh kau
sadis sekali jadi kau kan

buat anda perempuan

betina nya kau
kau fikir aku cemburu ?
kelakar lahh kalau kau fikir macam tuhh

kau kata kau takut aku sound kau ?
kalau kau takut, kenapa perlu kau jengukkan kepala kau ke luar ?
kenapa kau perlu menoleh ke arah aku untuk beberapa kali ?
kau sengaja mahu aku nampak kau bersama dia kan ?
aku pown peduli weyh.

kalau kau takut aku sound kau
knp perlu kau pandang-pandang aku ?
seoalah-olah kau tak puas hati dengan aku
kenapa kau perlu tunjuk-tunjuk aku depan kawan-kawan kau ?

kalau betul kau tak puas hati dengan aku
aku cabar kau wahai perempuan BODOH
datang jumpa aku depan-depan
aku nak tengok betapa berani nya kau

p/s; kehidupan korang berdua memang SADIS dan MENYEDIHKAN !

Friday, February 20, 2009


i know it has been quite a long time that i don't write. just that there is nothing much to write about and im kinda busy lately.

last monday was the final for 4x400 m. and im the 2nd runner. i kinda passed out right after i arrived at the finish line. thank god i managed to finish the run. and i am really really glad that we as in my team and i got the 1st place. heee =)

owh, and right now im kinda busy with the debate preparation. it will be held on 25th feb. wish me luck keyh guys =)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

School's Marathon

today, my school held a marathon. it was divided into 4 category.

L1- guys under 18 (around 9 km)
L2- guys under 15 (around 7 km)
P1- girls under 18 (around 5 km)
P2- girls under 15 (around 5 km)

as you all know, i was in category P1. so i have to run about 5 km. it's not near you know.

that run was absolutely tiring. i was dehydrated by the time i arrived at the finish line. the teacher was shouting at me to run and cross the finish line before i passed out. and thank God i manage to cross it before i almost passed out.

i know i don't run that fast. but I'm really glad coz i got number 19. its quite good right ? haha ;)

now, my leg whole leg hurt. from my waist till my toe. it's really hard for me to climb the stairs, to sit and get up again and even move. i don't really know how am i gonna run 4x400 final this Monday.

wish me luck y'all =)

p/s; i am so tanned right now. haish =_="

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Reason To Smile :)

Yeayy !! I've passed my law exam. i felt like i just won a lottery or something. HAHA ;) i really can't wait to get behind the wheels. weeee~

I'm really glad that i ace the exam for the first time. so i didn't have to repeat it again and again until i pass. thank you God ! *grinning*

and thank you to you cuzzie (aina) for being there with me. I'm glad that i took driving ed with you. if not, I'll be looking like an idiot. just sat there quietly alone.

thank you aina and oh, congrats for acing the exam too =)

p/s; i DON'T have any intention of bragging okeyh ______ ! ;)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Menjaja dan Meminta-minta

hanya sebab kau punya wajah yang suci
kau boleh buat orang kasihan kan kau

tapi pernah tak kau terfikir
apa akan jadi kalau orang dapat tahu manipulasi yang kau cipta
yang kau reka hanya semata-mata
kerana mahukan perhatian

aku kasihankan orang macam kau
sumpah kasihan

kau boleh teruskan menjaja segala kisah
dan cerita tentang aku
cerita tentang kisah dahulu

aku sememangnya rela kau buat begitu
hanya supaya kau mendapatkan perhatian
yang selama ini kau cari dan kau pinta

kau juga boleh teruskan menjaja nama aku
dan segala-galanya yang buruk tentang diri aku
agar kau kelihatan baik, suci lagi murni

aku sememangnya telah dilahirkan
oleh Allah S.W.T di muka bumi ini
untuk menerima layanan yang sebegitu
daripada seorang yang amat sempurna seperti kau

kau juga tak perlu terus meminta-minta
perhatian daripada orang lain
dengan menjaja serta mencanang
segala kisah dan cerita perihal aku mahupun orang

kerana kau telah berjaya memperoleh
segala perhatian yang selama ini kau cari
sehingga ke lubang cacing sekalipun

jadi di sini
aku ingin mengucapkan jutaan terima kasih pada kau
kerana terus menjaja cerita perihal aku

dan di sini juga aku ingin mengucapkan tahniah
di atas pencapaian kau yang begitu cemerlang sekali
di dalam sketsa kehidupan ini

TAHNIAH buat kau !

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


everyone has an ego. but it varies in every person.

let me tell u a story. this happen this evening when i was walking home with my friend. it was raining at that time.

as we were heading home, suddenly my friend kinda slip a lil bit and his bicycle's handle kinda hit a car next to us. but it DIDN'T even leave a scratch.

then that car slows down, and the driver roll down the window and shout at us. "BODOH !"
i still remember your fugly face when you said it.

by that time i was like, wut the HELL ! u are driving a Toyota Camry for God's sake ! it's not like it is a Ferrari or a mini cooper or a Mercedes. it is just a TOYOTA CAMRY !

moreover, it didn't even leave a scratch !

just because you think that you are rich, u are that GREAT ! huhh. puh-liz ! you are so NOT !

yup ! we are an idiot. that is why we go to school and learn.

owh, and you know what uncle ! your wealthiness won't last long. GOD can take it away from you in just a blink of an eye. and if that happen, i will be the one who will laugh my lungs out !

you are not that rich yet. you are not the richest person in the world. but your attitude, you act as though you are so damn fucking rich. are rich people always that snobby ?

i bet your ego will go as high as the sky if you own so many expensive cars and tons of bungalows.

i advice you to go to your rich and intelligent world where people like you belong. you are too good to live in this world with us, ordinary human.

fyi, i am so DISGUST with your damn fucking smelly attitude. HAHA =D

Monday, February 2, 2009

Tagged by Diana ;)

1. Anda rase anda HOT?

2. Upload gambar kegemaran anda.

3. Kenapa anda suka gambar ini?
saya punye suka lahh ;)

4. Bila kali terakhir makan pizza?
28.1.2009 ;)

5. Lagu terakhir yang anda dengar?
fall for you.

6. Apa yang sedang anda buat selain dari buat tag ni?
messaging ;)

7. Selain nama anda sendiri, apakah lagi nama yang anda suka orang panggil anda?
err, akak kowt. (yg hanya di panggil oleh amie, duwe n adam ;] )

8. Tag lagi 5 orang:
1. aina
5. sespew yg bce blog nie ;)

9. Siapa no 1?
cousin ;]

10. Siapakah orang nombor 2?
kawan baik saya. ;D

11. Orang nombor 3 ada hubungan dengan sesiapa?
dinosaur dia. (:

12. Bagaimana pulak dengan orang nombor 4?
she's single i think. =p

13. Kata sesuatu berkenaan dengan orang nombor 5.
tataw lahh dye sapew. haha =D

p/s; thnx fer d tagged adek diana ;) sorry if late reply.

Friday, January 30, 2009


what can you really say about people. there are so many types of people in this world. actually, people are about the same. it's just their attitude and the way they see things are a little bit different from one another.

i have met these few types of people.

an ordinary mother/father usually advice their children to learn how to clean up their mess by themselves so that they'll know how to survive in this tough world when they grow up. so that they'll learn how to be independent and more mature in making a wise decision. but what about a mother/father who always clean up their children mess ? when will the kids learn how to fix their own problems or clean up their own mess ?

ones with oh I'm-so-perfect attitude. OMG ! when will a person like this learn that there are no one in this world that are perfect. eventhough you maybe have a so-called-a perfect body or so-called-a perfect face, you still don't have the right to act as if you're the best. all the attention has to go to you huhh. who the hell you think you are ?

ones that think that they're so great. and they can do anything to others eventhough it is something bad. is it really okeyh for you to mock other people or just simply embarrassed them in front from others ? NO !! if you can treat people that way, why can't you be treated the same by others ? oh, i forgot. you're a princess right ? ;) people have to care about your feelings, but you don't.

an actor/actress. who act as if they are an angel. as if they're innocent when people really know that they not. these actor/actress tend to cause a big mess/problems and act as if they're not guilty. they'll do anything to make others look bad as long as they'll look innocent. they might just delete/erase all the evidence, crying their eyes out so that people would be sympathy to them, or just simply act that they didn't know anything and act dumb. these kind of people should get an award for best actor/actress =)

ones who think that they are a SOMEBODY. just because you think you are a SOMEBODY, that doesn't mean you have the right to do anything that you want. okeyh. maybe your parents have a so-called-perfect job, with high salary and all, that doesn't really mean you are a SOMEBODY. just because we are a nobody, that doesn't necessarily mean that everything we did is wrong. where is the justice then ?

p/s; i am so NOT dedicating this entry to anyone. if you think that I'm talking about you. think again. i didn't even mention your name right ? so, TAPAYAH nk perasan sgtt. you wanna copy my blog and send it to the school 'principal', go ahead. wanna lodge a police report, go on. coz i don't even mention YOUR name ! ;)

i know my English is not that good. for God's sake, I'm only 17. and I'm still learning English ! ;)

Thursday, January 29, 2009


1.What have you been doing recently?
my homework

2.Do you ever turn your cell phone off?

3.What happened at 10am today?
still lying on my bed

4.When did you last cry?
just now

5.Believe in fate/destiny?

6.What do you want in your life now?
a successful career and a success life

7.Do you carry an umbrella when it rains or just put up your hood?

8.What's your favourite thing to do on the bed?
curl up n hug my teddy ;)

9.What bottoms are you wearing now?

10.What's the nicest things in your inbox?
there are a lot that i kept

11.Do you tend to make the relationship complicated?

12.Are you wearing anything borrowed from anyone?

13.What was the last movie you caught?
Benjamin button. great movie ;)

14.What are you proud of?
my family, my friends ;)

15.What does the oldest text msg in your inbox say?
not gonna tell. haha =P

16.What was the last song you sang out loud?
Cela by Boneca

17.Do you have any nicknames?

18.What does the newest text say?
not gonna tell too =P

19.What time did you go to bed last night?
early. bout 9.30. haha

20.Are you currently happy?
yeah =)

21.Who gives you the best advise?
friends, on certain things.

22.Do you eat whipped cream straight from the can?
i don't eat whipped cream.

23.Who did you talk on the phone last night?
no one.

24.Is something bugging you now?
none that matters :)

25.Who was the last person to make you laugh?
my friends ;)

so i tagged all of you that have read my blog.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sweet17 #2

hey guys. I'm so damn sorry coz it takes me such a long time to update my blog.

9 Jan 09, my super bestfriend or should i call my gay partner, hanan izzati made a so called surprise party for me at school. but too bad sayangg. i kinda had it figured out. heee =p

btw, i really really appreciate your effort for planning this up for me. u even bake me a cake. thank you so much sayangg !! i love you lahh. we had loads of fun that day. I'll upload the pics later. okeyh ? =)

p/s; yasmin also gave me a huge cut of brownie which she bakes herself. and it is super delicious. thank you sayangg. owh. and she also light up a candle for me. thanx for the effort dear. weeee =D

Thursday, January 8, 2009


yesterday, 7th January was my birthday. i wanna thank all of you guys that had been wishing me happy birthday and giving me presents, thnx guys ! i really really really appreciate it =)

so here are a few presents that i get;

thnx for the chocolate huney =)

adam. thank you so damn fuckin much for this cute teddy !!! and thanx for surprising me at home. i am totally speechless. thanx dear =D

yana sayang. thnx for this chocolate. and the wish was so sweet. i miss the time when we were like 'twins' too dear. love you !! =)

aina. thnx for this plaid shirt cuzie ! I've been searching for it like forever. haha. btw, thnx again dear. iloveyou !! =)

thanx auntie mona for this adidas set. thank you so much !! =)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

School ;)

okeyh. as everyone knows, schools gonna start tomorrow.
i know some of you might say that school is boring and stuff like that.

but as for me, i can't wait to go to school.
i can't wait to see all my friends.
so what if I'm sitting for SPM this year ?
lets finish it and get it over with.


Saturday, January 3, 2009


i've been tagged by aina. so here it goes;

#1 - a boyfriend or girlfriend or someone the opposite sex

#2 - the sweetest couple

#3 - best friends

do i really have to list them out ? i don't really have the picture of us.

#4 - friend's significant other

ermm..i don't have him/her picture alone. should i give name instead ?

#5 - you and your friends

again, i don't really have picture of us. sorry !