Wednesday, December 31, 2008


tomorrow is new year babe ! goodbye 2008, hello 2009 =)
so, here are my new year resolution;

1. to pass SPM with flying colours
2. to get my driver's license
3. to lose more weight than i did this year ;)
4. to be a better person
5. achieve all my goals and dreams

so, do help me here guys. keep me motivated throughout the year okeyh ! haha =D
owh, and do wish me luck and pray for me so i can achieve these resolutions ^-^

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


i just realize that adults will always be an adult. i mean, no matter how childish they seem or how supporting and understanding they are, they will always be an adult.

i guess I've made a huge mistake by telling you that. I'm sorry guys. i can't tell you what that is.

actually, that was supposed to be a joke. not an insult or anything else that you think it was. i guess adults don't think like us, teenagers and youngsters. guess adults and teens don't think alike.

i told you that coz i thought you'd understand and take it as a joke as i hope you do. but you don't.

but, why can't you think and take that the way that i did. just as a joke. you're once a teenager. why don't you understand ?

i guess that's what makes adults an adult, and teenagers a teen. that's what makes adults different from teens.

it's all human nature. i can't just blame adults right ? it'll be totally unfair. teens should try to understand adults more. at least once. am i right ? haha.

p/s; i am so NOT talking about my mom.

Akmalianz (05-07) Reunion

OMG. the reunion was a BLAST ! it has been a long time since we last met. okeyh. maybe it's not that long. but still, it is more than 3 days right. whatever it is, i miss u guys loads ! u guys are the best !

the reunion was held at Jinbara. we were supposed to be there at 8
a.m. but, i went there quite late. since i just got back from Bali yesterday. so, i have to unpacked all my stuff first, then I'll go to Jinbara.

even though i was late, they seem so glad that i came. they were shouting and calling my name as i got there. awww. so sweet guys. i feel loved. heee. owh, as i got there, all of them were chilling in the river.

the water was just too tempting to resist. haha. at first, i thought that ma
ybe I'll just go there and meet with my friends. so, i just brought an extra shirt and towel. i didn't plan on getting wet actually.

but my friends insist that i go into the water. like i said before, the water w
as just too tempting. so, i went right in with my shirt and jeans. can you imagine swimming with your jeans on. haha. the water was iced cold. grrr.

we also had a barbecue there. the chicken was delicious. thanks to amie ;) owh. totally forgot to tell you something. since i didn't bring an extra pants, amie lend me his kain pelekat. imagine me wearing a kain pelekat and a shirt. i looked hideous yet funny. haha. jsyk, i don't know how to wear a kain pelekat. so, i just wore it my style. heee.

so, here are some of the photos. enjoy ;)

i love you guys loads =)

this is before i got wet and stuff.

this is me wearing a kain pelekat. i look handsome huhh. haha =D

alia wore her towel as a tudung and i wore amie's kain pelekat. haha =D

p/s; I'll wrote about Bali right after i got back from PD okeyh guys. btw, I'll be going to PD tomorrow. wish me a safe journey ;)

Friday, December 19, 2008


i will be going to Bali tomorrow. my flight will be at 9.40 am. thank God coz i don't have to wake up early in the morn. I'm not really a morning person. I'm more to night. haha =D owh, wait. i do have to wake up early and stuff. coz we have to be at the air port 2 hours earlier at least. urghh ! i hate getting up early.

so before i go, i just wanna apologize to you guys if there is any mistakes that I've done towards you. directly or in directly. purposely or accidentally.

and i hope you guys would pray for my journey. i hope it will be a safe journey.

till then, ILOVEYOU guys much.
xoxo ;)

Thursday, December 18, 2008


you are the one
who makes me smile when I'm sad
the one who makes me laugh
when i cry

you are the one
who consoles me when I'm down
the one who holds my hand
when i fall

you are the sun
that brightens up my day
the stars
that lighten up my night

you lend me your shoulder
when i need a place to cry
you lend me your ears
when i need a place to talk

you are the rainbow
that coloured my life
you are the moon
that accompany me at night

you are the one that i love
with all my heart
the one that i need
to make it through the tough

written by; saraseyra
copyright reserved by saraseyra ;)



it is really amazing knowing that someone know so much about you while you don't really know him/her that's like he/she has hired a private investigator to spy on you or something. it's like his/her eyes are everywhere. his/her ears can hear everything that you said. he/she knows almost everything. what you did and what you have done. have you ever thought about it ? creepy huhh ?

FYI, I'm not talking about a particular person nor pointing my finger at you. this is just something that came out of my mind and i feel like writing it.

so, if there is anyone out there who feesl like I'm talking about you

Sunday, December 7, 2008


there are so many things that i wish i could have or get
we as human usually feel unsatisfied with what we have
same goes to me
it's human nature

here are few wishes of mine that i really hope will be granted;

1. i wish i am beautiful

2. i wish i am smart

3. i wish i am skinny

4. i wish i have beautiful face

5. i wish i am tall

6. i wish i have enough money so i can buy stuff i want

7. i wish i can dance

8. i wish i have great voice

9. i wish i have great hair

10. i wish my guitar skill is better

i know i wish for some silly things. but that are really what i wish for. still, i do feel grateful with what i have now =)

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Oh my God !
I'm really really down right now
suddenly I'm not in the mood to do anything

S.H.I.T !

okeyh. let me just list down things that make me
so totally out of my mood

1. the performance got delayed to 20th dec
and by that time, i will be in Bali
guess what ?
i wont be performing !
fuck ! that is the only thing that I've been looking forward on this dec

2. my grammar is getting worst each day
fuck that !

3. i don't know how to write
and i don't even know what to write

4. my wallet is getting 'skinnier' each day
got what i mean ?

5. I'm missing my friends LOADS

6. I'm still finding the REAL me

7. I'm tired of being what people want me to be

8. annoyed by people interfering my life
my mom doesn't even say anything

9. my lame school doesn't have prom
i seriously hope i can go to prom for my final year

10. i wish i have....
let me just keep the last one to myself

Thursday, December 4, 2008


i think almost all of you that has been following my blog knew what had happened to me lately in my life. the drama is finally come to an end.

after a long time this kind of conflict has been going on, now it's finally over. for good. at least i hope so. we apologized to each other. and we actually became friends. i really really hope there will be no more trash talking and hating each other in the future. living life full of hatred is not something you'd like to wish for. it's not something great that you hope it'll last.

this friendship between us is hope to last though. not only for a time being or a minute or two. but for a long time. long enough for us to get to know each other and forget the past. long enough for us to forgive and forget. i don't want to live my life with that kind of scenario again. where it is always full of unpleasant drama. all of the unpleasant words in our dictionary had come out from our mouth for us to expressed how we really felt at that time. it has never been great. trust me.

after all of this had come to an end, i can finally taste what it's like to live in peace. it's great ! thank you so much to all of you that have been by my side and supporting me throughout this so called conflict and to those who has been such a great help to me in solving this drama.

to all of you, THANK YOU SO MUCH !
and to her, I'M SORRY !

peace y'all (^-^)v