Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ku Katakan Dengan Indah

trial is juz a few days away.
and here i am, sitting down in front of my laptop blogging about nothing.

owh. and this is the video that i made this evening.
i was so boring and decided to make this video.
i made it juz for fun. so enjoy. HAHA =D

actually, there are a lot of stuff that i kept inside me.
juz waiting for the right time to finally burst out.

but, i don't really know when.
i don't really have the guts to let it all out juz yet.

wish me luck with the trial guys =)

p/s ; i know my voice is bad. but, who cares. i'm not a singer. ahha =D


adilahalim ; said...

see ? see ?
yuna in the making yo!

hehe. ^____^

saraosman said...

LALAt jahat owh.
or should i say, adila =P

Dyan said...

em kak sara trisha cari kat youtube hehe. and buat sendiri lah campur campur kan dia :D

btw, u sound nice hehe

saraseyra ; said...

haha. thnx dear ;)

Dianayusof. said...

nice video, and of coz nice voice tooooo ;)

saraseyra ; said...

heee. thnx diana =D

Hanan Izzati ;) said...

alahai~ ;)

pu-den said...

suare kaw sdap oke..

saraseyra ; said...

pueden ; haha. nie btol2 kew perli nie ? xD neway, thnx lahh =D

hanan ; sygg. pew yg alahai nyew ? =_="

pu-den said...

ni btol oke..x perli..aha..
da kali ke-4 da dgr ni..
bangge x..? muahaha..

afinatales said...

beautifully played hunneh :)

saraseyra ; said...

puden ; kali ke-4 ? wahh. tharu. thnk u thnk u. heeee ^______^

fyna ; thnk u love =)

Syzlna said...

tahu tak? syaz asyik tgk jer vid ni haha k sara mane blaja main gitar :D suke killer eishh speechless gile haha

saraseyra ; said...

syaz ; awww. so sweet dear ^___^ neway, thnk u so muchh ;D

anis said...

sdp larh..
da laa reti maen gitar, suare sdp lak tuwhhh
ow awk wt blog baru.. nk bg emel gk
add add aww :D