Friday, September 11, 2009

I Don't Understand

i don't understand why this happen
and i don't really understand why it happen in the first place

if possible,
i don't want this to happen
i want things back the way they were
i want things back to normal

i don't understand why you have to pull your face with me
have i done something wrong ?
or maybe, just maybe you think that i was pulling my face at you
while the fact is that I'm not.

coz i will never do that
i've tried smiling at you
but then, you'll pull your face away

i've tried talking to you
but then again, you will pull your face away

you will turn your back away
when you see me or whenever i came near you
do you know how much it hurts me ?
do you even bother to care ?

seriously, it does.

it may not show on the outside
but it feels deeply in the inside

i laugh loud to hide what i feel
i smile a lot so that nobody knows what is bugging me
i pretend that i have no problems when i'm with them
and only with them, i can forget all of my problems

and i really really hope Ya Allah,
that things will be back to the way it were

p/s ; i kept all your messages and i hold your promises. and mine too. i still remember my promise to you.


afinatales said...

be strong love. patience bares gifts we never thought we'll have.
im always a shoulder u can cry on, and ears you can pretty damn be sure to listen :)

saraseyra ; said...

awww. so sweet. thank u love ;)