Monday, March 2, 2009


haha. imagine that your uncle reads your blog. yes. i repeat, he reads your blog. YOUR BLOG ! how embarrassed is that ? HAHAHA

last Saturday, i spent the whole day with my cousin, Aina and my uncle. the day was great ! seriously, it was GREAT !! who ever thought that my uncle could be so cool ? HAHA

he taught us so many things. about life, music and even photography. he took such a great photo. his snapshots are beautiful. i love the photos that he took. but too bad, I'm not photogenic. haha

on Sunday, Aina, Fina and i went to my aunt's apartment to go for a swim. instead of swimming, we just bath in the pool and talked about boyfriends, the past, our childhood, and stuff. it was loads of fun =)

i love spending times with my cousins and family. I'm glad that i have such a great bond with them. i appreciate every moment that i spent with them. there is nothing that i would trade when i am with them. i love you guys much !! =)


afinatales said...

i love you cuzie :D

Aina said...

hehee i love our family ;D

rainforestgeek said...

Ohh dear... :-)

Nothing to be embarrassed about la and lest you think that I read all entries - no worries, I didn't and don't, just glanced through on speed reading and was glad to know that all of you writes well.

I'll leave you gals alone for your net-privacy ;-)