Saturday, May 30, 2009


1. Apa perasaan sekarang?

2. Saya nak makan
baskin and robins.

3. Saya tak suka
stuck in boredem

4. Impian saya
make my mom happy and proud

5. Haiwan yang saya tidak suka
cats. HAHA

6. Saya Harapkan
pass SPM with flying colours

7. Jika boleh di putarkan masa..
i would go back to the past

8.Saya pada 10 tahun akan datang...
i'll be 27 and married kowt. have a stable job with high pay. heee~

9. Handfon saya adalah sebuah...
part of my life. i stay connected with my friends through it

11. Saya pernah bercinta sebanyak....

12. Saya suka pada...
music and my guitar

13. Kawan-kawan saya...
my life

14. Pernah dikhianati?
think so

15. Apa yang anda hendak lakukan terhadap orang yang mengkhianati anda?
silence is d best treatment. so let bygone be bygone.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Haish +_+

juz nk cte pasal td.

td gy mkn kt blue corner. pastu ktorg pown order lahh mknn.
tmpt yg ktowg slalu mkn tuhh tutup. so mkn kt restoran len.

then a few minutes later, mknn smpy.
yg bish nyew, nenek yg anta mknn tuhh tadew budi bahasa langsungg !!
perangai cm haram.
nme kedai sri murni.
tp perangai kau cm bish !

dew kew mse dye anta mknn, dy gy ckp ;

" nie nie. bayar nie " sambil tangan dye tunjuk mknn yg ktowg order tuhh.

if dye ckp ngn lemah lembut dan bersopan santun bley trime agy.
nie x. ckp smbl buat muke.

lalu nenek tuhh pegi dengan membuat muke palat.

owh, well HELLo nenek.
it's not like we're not gonna pay fer our food.
ktowg slalu jew mkn kt blue corner tuhh.
tak pena plakk ktowg lari and tak byr.

kau igt ktorg tak mampu ?
restoran kau mmg VS.

haish =_="

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Puppet I Am

a puppet i am
for you to play with
and throw it when you don't need it

my feelings wasn't important
as a puppet i am
i have to care about your feelings
but you don't have to care bout mine

such a stupid puppet i am
to trust you, to care bout you
and hope you'd understand

but what can a puppet do ?
a puppet will always be a puppet
which it's feelings wasn't important
as a puppet i am

mengapa selalu aku yang mengalah
tak pernah kau berfikir
sedikit tentang hatiku ?


i just lost my most precious thing
the thing that i can never imagine living without

i could never imagine my life without it
and now that it's gone
my life is completely empty, dull, bored and lost

what a life without a soul ?

maybe i rely on it too much
or maybe i hope on it too much
i don't have such intention to do that
but what is past can't be reversed back

now i have to try and learn
to live my life without my most precious thing

i hope my days would be as bright as the day
when my precious thing is there.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

HappyBirthday Amie ;)

happy birthday Amie !! i made this video specially for you =)

p/s ; sory for the bad guitar playing n the bad voice. ;)

Saturday, May 2, 2009


my day is boring, dull and blank.

mid year exam is just around the corner.
and here i am in front of my laptop writing about nothing.

trial and spm.
i am so not ready to face it yet.

i have the eager to study.
but my laziness overcome it all.

can't wait to get my license.
but i am lazy to go and practice.

lazy lazy lazy.
that is what i am now.
such a lazy bummer.

wake up Sara !
there's not much time.
somebody please give her a wake up call.