Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Write

i write to tell a story
i write to express my feelings
i write to share
i write so that i feel okeyh

i never had any intention
of bragging, hurting others feelings nor selling stories

if it's wrong for me to write
guess i need to find another way for me
to express how i feel so that I'd be okeyh

i need a place to express
how i feel, what I'm thinking and what had happen

i like to share
i like to write

if it so wrong for me to do such thing
then i think I'd go crazy with all my thoughts
that my mind couldn't bear keeping anymore

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


cikgu kate
orang yang hebat takkan tunjuk kehebatan dia

cikgu kate
orang yang makin tinggi kehebatan dia
makin tinggi jugak sifat rendah diri dia

cikgu jugak kate
orang yang tak hebat saja tujukkan kehebatan dia
walaupun dia baru jew belajar kehebatan tuhh

jadi apa guna kau menunjuk ?
kau rase kau hebat ?
kau rase orang kesah ?

tidak langsung.

orang xpena kesa pown actually
coz ramai dah yang boleh lakukan itu

jadi kau sebenarnya tak hebat
sama seperti apa yang cikgu katakan



semua tuhh membawa makna yang sama

kawan ?
kawan tuhh ape ?

kalau takde kawan, hidup pasti susah
tapi, kalau...............pown susah jugakk

kalau ramai kawan, hidup mungkin ceria
tapi akan susah bila..............

aku punya ramai kawan
tak mungkin aku boleh puaskan hati semua

aku jugak manusia
manusia yang punya perasaan
susah untuk aku puaskan hati semua orang

perasaan kawan aku perlu jaga
tapi, perasaan aku ?


kenapa aku yang perlu cari korang ?
salah ke kalau korang yang cari aku ?

kenapa aku yang kena tegur korang dulu ?
salah kew kalau korang yang tegur aku dulu ?

kenapa aku yang salah bila aku tak buat sume tuhh ?
kalau korang pulakk macam mana ?

jadi, YA !
aku SALAH !



i was born by the name sara

but i also have a few names that u can call me;

dilla, aida, hayati, *******, mina,
***, ***, sha, amira, ****, ira,
juliana, tun, nadya and so much more.

haha =D sorry if i offended any of you. this entry is dedicated especially to YOU ! ;)

Monday, April 6, 2009


woah. today was my first official driving lesson.
it was not that bad as i thought it would be.

but my instructor was not pak ali since he can't come in the evening.
my lesson was after school at 3 o'clock. so i got abg faisal instead.
abg ? hmm, I'm not really sure what to call him. since he's not that old.

i had my driving lesson at duke's highway.
I'd be lying if i say that I'm not afraid.
all the cars there are like super fast (exaggerating) . haha =D

but, thank god it turned out so well. i got to drive at 80 km/h. how cool is that ? hehe =p
owh. then, after a while, he asked me to drive at 60 km/h.
but, i kinda like accelerate a lil bit. so he kept telling to slow down a little since i am still new.
and he said that it's okeyh to drive slow. as my safety comes first ;)

i can't wait to get my P. eventhough today was just the first lesson. HAHA =D

p/s ; sory for not updating my blog for such a long time. juz that the Internet at my house has some problems. so i can't online till it gets fix.