Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hari Raya

first of all, i wanted to say that this entry will be VERY long. trust me when i said VERY long. HAHA. so it's up to u if u wanna read it ^-^


woke up early and helped nenek cooked rendang.
technically, i cook the rendang this year. ahha =D
mak long and fina made the sandwich cake which is our family tradition cake.
u won't get it anywhere else. hehe ^-^
then, i have to wash the large wok that we used to cook the rendang.
send ija to lrt station.
bake some cookies with teefa and ika.
while waiting, i helped nenek, my mom and my aunts with their inai.
work non-stop till night and sleep around 4 a.m.
i am damn effing tired.

1st RAYA

woke up around 9. HAHA =D
pak ngah and family were already here during subuh.
early huhh ?
it took 2 hours for us girls to get ready. ahha ^-^
so, after all of us were ready, it's time for a family photo.
all the granddaughters of haji nasir took a picture together.
but, too bad. aina was not here.
if only u came early that day dear cuzie.

my grandparents. they're cute together ^-^
they've been married for 52 years now.

mak long's family.

pak ngah's family.

mak lang's family. which is my family =)
it has been 7 years since my dad passed away.
may ALLAH bless him.

ucu's family. pak ucu is the photographer of the family. hehe ;)

the grandchildren of Haji Nasir.
only pak uda's children weren't here.
we are a very happy small family =)

too bad that pak uda and family was not here early. so sorry aina.
that night, i went karaoke with my paternal cousins around 12 a.m.
and got back home around 4 a.m.
it was a BLAST night ;)

2nd RAYA

juz sit at home coz there were people coming over.
people came non-stop till night.
penat tahu ?

3rd RAYA

went to my nenek saudara house somewhere in bangi.
and that afternoon went to pak uda's house.
then went to the curve and had our dinner there.

4th RAYA

went to shah alam to nek andak's and nek teh's house.
then went to sacc mall and finally to ou to search for tifa's prom dress.
and she finally got one.
which cost about rm 300.
it's a really beautiful one =)

p/s ; more pictures coming later. heee~ ^-^


adilahalim ; said...

alaaaaahai comel je yg pkai tudung purple tu. hee. ^__^

eh ape lagi? jum ah bjalan2 ! duit raye semua dah bkepuk2 neh! hahaha.

Hanan Izzati ;) said...

omigosh anak dara bangon pukol 9 di pagi Syawal !? u______u

i bangon pukul 7.30 taw ^-^ !

ahaha :p