Wednesday, February 4, 2009


everyone has an ego. but it varies in every person.

let me tell u a story. this happen this evening when i was walking home with my friend. it was raining at that time.

as we were heading home, suddenly my friend kinda slip a lil bit and his bicycle's handle kinda hit a car next to us. but it DIDN'T even leave a scratch.

then that car slows down, and the driver roll down the window and shout at us. "BODOH !"
i still remember your fugly face when you said it.

by that time i was like, wut the HELL ! u are driving a Toyota Camry for God's sake ! it's not like it is a Ferrari or a mini cooper or a Mercedes. it is just a TOYOTA CAMRY !

moreover, it didn't even leave a scratch !

just because you think that you are rich, u are that GREAT ! huhh. puh-liz ! you are so NOT !

yup ! we are an idiot. that is why we go to school and learn.

owh, and you know what uncle ! your wealthiness won't last long. GOD can take it away from you in just a blink of an eye. and if that happen, i will be the one who will laugh my lungs out !

you are not that rich yet. you are not the richest person in the world. but your attitude, you act as though you are so damn fucking rich. are rich people always that snobby ?

i bet your ego will go as high as the sky if you own so many expensive cars and tons of bungalows.

i advice you to go to your rich and intelligent world where people like you belong. you are too good to live in this world with us, ordinary human.

fyi, i am so DISGUST with your damn fucking smelly attitude. HAHA =D


Aina said...

i'm not snobbish :P well, i'm not rich either. ah, the lifestyle of the rich and famous... hate them smugs.

tifa said...

smelly attitude?? ahaha!