Friday, December 11, 2009

SPM was over

and i don't know why
but somehow i felt kinda bored

i was so excited to finish school before
but now, i'm not so sure about it anymore

there's no more school
i didn't know what to do

no more homework needed to be done
and no more book needed to be revised

i might die bcoz of boredom
haha xD

neway, December might be a busy month for me
a lot of things needed to be done
till 1st Jan comes around

my uncle asked us
the cousins to perform during my cousin's wedding
on 1st Jan

so we need to practice hard
for it to be perfect

i'll upload the video
if there's one. haha ;P

and i'll be going to sabah
on 23rd Dec till 29th Dec

oh, i am so gonna miss my friends
we must hang together next year
okeyh guys ?

don't forget all the plans
that we've made.
haha =)

till then,
toodles~ ^-^

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


whew ! SPM is finally over.
i felt such a great relieved.
felt like a big burden on my shoulder has fade away
heee ^-^

this year is coming to an end
and I've gone through A LOT
there have been ups and downs in my studies and emotion
and i also realized that I'm not who i am back than

people change with time
just like a caterpillar that metamorphosed into a beautiful butterfly
as time passed by,
we all changes even with the slightest change

i know people around me have been talking
about me changing into someone different
even if they never mention it out loud
i do know that they were talking

but hey people !
i don't really change that much
maybe as for u guys,
it might looked like a big change
but, it's NOT

I've been this way since before
i have always been like this
ask my family
just that none of u really have the slightest intention
to get to know me that well

i know people are blaming them
for my ups and downs in my studies
and people are blaming them
for the changes that I've gone through

but just so u know
they are NOT the blame for all that
it's all me
i am responsible for everything i did

so i really hope that all of u
would STOP blaming them
stop blaming MY FRIENDS


p/s ; morphine ? i don't do drugs
margarita ? i don't drink
Marlboro ? i don't smoke
mango ? i never knew that it comes in mango flavour. HAHA ;D
but i do <33 MNG ^-^