Wednesday, December 9, 2009


whew ! SPM is finally over.
i felt such a great relieved.
felt like a big burden on my shoulder has fade away
heee ^-^

this year is coming to an end
and I've gone through A LOT
there have been ups and downs in my studies and emotion
and i also realized that I'm not who i am back than

people change with time
just like a caterpillar that metamorphosed into a beautiful butterfly
as time passed by,
we all changes even with the slightest change

i know people around me have been talking
about me changing into someone different
even if they never mention it out loud
i do know that they were talking

but hey people !
i don't really change that much
maybe as for u guys,
it might looked like a big change
but, it's NOT

I've been this way since before
i have always been like this
ask my family
just that none of u really have the slightest intention
to get to know me that well

i know people are blaming them
for my ups and downs in my studies
and people are blaming them
for the changes that I've gone through

but just so u know
they are NOT the blame for all that
it's all me
i am responsible for everything i did

so i really hope that all of u
would STOP blaming them
stop blaming MY FRIENDS


p/s ; morphine ? i don't do drugs
margarita ? i don't drink
Marlboro ? i don't smoke
mango ? i never knew that it comes in mango flavour. HAHA ;D
but i do <33 MNG ^-^


adilahalim ; said...

oi oi morphine tu slow-slow sikit oi! haha :pp

Adam 146 said...

ni la 'wanita' yang dah tak bersekolah tu ye xPPP

saraseyra ; said...

adam ; ye ye. sayalah 'wanita' yg dah xbersekolah tuhh. haha ;D anda lahh jejake yg dahh xbersekolah jgakk kn ? ahha ;P

lala ; haha. kesah lagi. kita kann dahh xskola. muhahaha xD