Friday, January 30, 2009


what can you really say about people. there are so many types of people in this world. actually, people are about the same. it's just their attitude and the way they see things are a little bit different from one another.

i have met these few types of people.

an ordinary mother/father usually advice their children to learn how to clean up their mess by themselves so that they'll know how to survive in this tough world when they grow up. so that they'll learn how to be independent and more mature in making a wise decision. but what about a mother/father who always clean up their children mess ? when will the kids learn how to fix their own problems or clean up their own mess ?

ones with oh I'm-so-perfect attitude. OMG ! when will a person like this learn that there are no one in this world that are perfect. eventhough you maybe have a so-called-a perfect body or so-called-a perfect face, you still don't have the right to act as if you're the best. all the attention has to go to you huhh. who the hell you think you are ?

ones that think that they're so great. and they can do anything to others eventhough it is something bad. is it really okeyh for you to mock other people or just simply embarrassed them in front from others ? NO !! if you can treat people that way, why can't you be treated the same by others ? oh, i forgot. you're a princess right ? ;) people have to care about your feelings, but you don't.

an actor/actress. who act as if they are an angel. as if they're innocent when people really know that they not. these actor/actress tend to cause a big mess/problems and act as if they're not guilty. they'll do anything to make others look bad as long as they'll look innocent. they might just delete/erase all the evidence, crying their eyes out so that people would be sympathy to them, or just simply act that they didn't know anything and act dumb. these kind of people should get an award for best actor/actress =)

ones who think that they are a SOMEBODY. just because you think you are a SOMEBODY, that doesn't mean you have the right to do anything that you want. okeyh. maybe your parents have a so-called-perfect job, with high salary and all, that doesn't really mean you are a SOMEBODY. just because we are a nobody, that doesn't necessarily mean that everything we did is wrong. where is the justice then ?

p/s; i am so NOT dedicating this entry to anyone. if you think that I'm talking about you. think again. i didn't even mention your name right ? so, TAPAYAH nk perasan sgtt. you wanna copy my blog and send it to the school 'principal', go ahead. wanna lodge a police report, go on. coz i don't even mention YOUR name ! ;)

i know my English is not that good. for God's sake, I'm only 17. and I'm still learning English ! ;)


adilahalim ; said...

ini cool.

dan yeah lagi sekali,
nama dia tak tertera langsung kan ?

kalau dia terasa jugak,
aku tak tahu lah.


afinatales said...

i have seen a lot of cute actor/actresses too. haha