Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Big P

woohooo !!!

finally i got my P license.

after all the tiring yet fun class
i finally got the big P ^-^

today was my JPJ test
and i would lie if i said that i'm not nervous
i could totally feel the the butterflies in my stomach

so i woke up early in the morn as in 6.30 a.m. and waited for abg faizal, my instructor to pick me up at medan tuanku at 8.
then, we went to dengkil for the test

we arrived there around 9.45 a.m
the 1st session already started
and you know what ?
i got the 3rd session which started at 2.30 p.m.

i was like what ??
what am i supposed to do for that long hours of waiting ?
i could die of boredom

but thank God, i met this group of people and hang out with them

after a long long long hours of waiting,
finally the 3rd session was about to start

so, i went to d office and took my number which is 17, and registered at the JPJ counter
by that time i was super nervous
all i could think about was amie's advice
thnx amie =)

after completed all the task, then it was time for the road test
and again, Alhamdulillah i passed
i' m so glad that i got JPJ officer that kinda cool ;)

special thanx to amie and futra for giving me support throughout the day and pray for me. thnx to my mom and my instructor for all the advice. and thnx for believing in me guys. love ya lots =)


Aina said...

Woohoo! you passed! :D no more savvy blue... :P haha

afinatales said...

wah. congrats. lpas ni the 3 of us bole race pki ferrari.jom2!! hehe

saraosman said...

aina ; HAHA. i can totally feel ur jelousy =P

fyna ; haha. jom2 =D

'syareena said...

Congratulation for your P license !
Bawak kereta lepas ni kasi drift :)

saraosman said...

haha. thnx dear =D