Wednesday, December 31, 2008


tomorrow is new year babe ! goodbye 2008, hello 2009 =)
so, here are my new year resolution;

1. to pass SPM with flying colours
2. to get my driver's license
3. to lose more weight than i did this year ;)
4. to be a better person
5. achieve all my goals and dreams

so, do help me here guys. keep me motivated throughout the year okeyh ! haha =D
owh, and do wish me luck and pray for me so i can achieve these resolutions ^-^

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


i just realize that adults will always be an adult. i mean, no matter how childish they seem or how supporting and understanding they are, they will always be an adult.

i guess I've made a huge mistake by telling you that. I'm sorry guys. i can't tell you what that is.

actually, that was supposed to be a joke. not an insult or anything else that you think it was. i guess adults don't think like us, teenagers and youngsters. guess adults and teens don't think alike.

i told you that coz i thought you'd understand and take it as a joke as i hope you do. but you don't.

but, why can't you think and take that the way that i did. just as a joke. you're once a teenager. why don't you understand ?

i guess that's what makes adults an adult, and teenagers a teen. that's what makes adults different from teens.

it's all human nature. i can't just blame adults right ? it'll be totally unfair. teens should try to understand adults more. at least once. am i right ? haha.

p/s; i am so NOT talking about my mom.

Akmalianz (05-07) Reunion

OMG. the reunion was a BLAST ! it has been a long time since we last met. okeyh. maybe it's not that long. but still, it is more than 3 days right. whatever it is, i miss u guys loads ! u guys are the best !

the reunion was held at Jinbara. we were supposed to be there at 8
a.m. but, i went there quite late. since i just got back from Bali yesterday. so, i have to unpacked all my stuff first, then I'll go to Jinbara.

even though i was late, they seem so glad that i came. they were shouting and calling my name as i got there. awww. so sweet guys. i feel loved. heee. owh, as i got there, all of them were chilling in the river.

the water was just too tempting to resist. haha. at first, i thought that ma
ybe I'll just go there and meet with my friends. so, i just brought an extra shirt and towel. i didn't plan on getting wet actually.

but my friends insist that i go into the water. like i said before, the water w
as just too tempting. so, i went right in with my shirt and jeans. can you imagine swimming with your jeans on. haha. the water was iced cold. grrr.

we also had a barbecue there. the chicken was delicious. thanks to amie ;) owh. totally forgot to tell you something. since i didn't bring an extra pants, amie lend me his kain pelekat. imagine me wearing a kain pelekat and a shirt. i looked hideous yet funny. haha. jsyk, i don't know how to wear a kain pelekat. so, i just wore it my style. heee.

so, here are some of the photos. enjoy ;)

i love you guys loads =)

this is before i got wet and stuff.

this is me wearing a kain pelekat. i look handsome huhh. haha =D

alia wore her towel as a tudung and i wore amie's kain pelekat. haha =D

p/s; I'll wrote about Bali right after i got back from PD okeyh guys. btw, I'll be going to PD tomorrow. wish me a safe journey ;)

Friday, December 19, 2008


i will be going to Bali tomorrow. my flight will be at 9.40 am. thank God coz i don't have to wake up early in the morn. I'm not really a morning person. I'm more to night. haha =D owh, wait. i do have to wake up early and stuff. coz we have to be at the air port 2 hours earlier at least. urghh ! i hate getting up early.

so before i go, i just wanna apologize to you guys if there is any mistakes that I've done towards you. directly or in directly. purposely or accidentally.

and i hope you guys would pray for my journey. i hope it will be a safe journey.

till then, ILOVEYOU guys much.
xoxo ;)

Thursday, December 18, 2008


you are the one
who makes me smile when I'm sad
the one who makes me laugh
when i cry

you are the one
who consoles me when I'm down
the one who holds my hand
when i fall

you are the sun
that brightens up my day
the stars
that lighten up my night

you lend me your shoulder
when i need a place to cry
you lend me your ears
when i need a place to talk

you are the rainbow
that coloured my life
you are the moon
that accompany me at night

you are the one that i love
with all my heart
the one that i need
to make it through the tough

written by; saraseyra
copyright reserved by saraseyra ;)



it is really amazing knowing that someone know so much about you while you don't really know him/her that's like he/she has hired a private investigator to spy on you or something. it's like his/her eyes are everywhere. his/her ears can hear everything that you said. he/she knows almost everything. what you did and what you have done. have you ever thought about it ? creepy huhh ?

FYI, I'm not talking about a particular person nor pointing my finger at you. this is just something that came out of my mind and i feel like writing it.

so, if there is anyone out there who feesl like I'm talking about you

Sunday, December 7, 2008


there are so many things that i wish i could have or get
we as human usually feel unsatisfied with what we have
same goes to me
it's human nature

here are few wishes of mine that i really hope will be granted;

1. i wish i am beautiful

2. i wish i am smart

3. i wish i am skinny

4. i wish i have beautiful face

5. i wish i am tall

6. i wish i have enough money so i can buy stuff i want

7. i wish i can dance

8. i wish i have great voice

9. i wish i have great hair

10. i wish my guitar skill is better

i know i wish for some silly things. but that are really what i wish for. still, i do feel grateful with what i have now =)

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Oh my God !
I'm really really down right now
suddenly I'm not in the mood to do anything

S.H.I.T !

okeyh. let me just list down things that make me
so totally out of my mood

1. the performance got delayed to 20th dec
and by that time, i will be in Bali
guess what ?
i wont be performing !
fuck ! that is the only thing that I've been looking forward on this dec

2. my grammar is getting worst each day
fuck that !

3. i don't know how to write
and i don't even know what to write

4. my wallet is getting 'skinnier' each day
got what i mean ?

5. I'm missing my friends LOADS

6. I'm still finding the REAL me

7. I'm tired of being what people want me to be

8. annoyed by people interfering my life
my mom doesn't even say anything

9. my lame school doesn't have prom
i seriously hope i can go to prom for my final year

10. i wish i have....
let me just keep the last one to myself

Thursday, December 4, 2008


i think almost all of you that has been following my blog knew what had happened to me lately in my life. the drama is finally come to an end.

after a long time this kind of conflict has been going on, now it's finally over. for good. at least i hope so. we apologized to each other. and we actually became friends. i really really hope there will be no more trash talking and hating each other in the future. living life full of hatred is not something you'd like to wish for. it's not something great that you hope it'll last.

this friendship between us is hope to last though. not only for a time being or a minute or two. but for a long time. long enough for us to get to know each other and forget the past. long enough for us to forgive and forget. i don't want to live my life with that kind of scenario again. where it is always full of unpleasant drama. all of the unpleasant words in our dictionary had come out from our mouth for us to expressed how we really felt at that time. it has never been great. trust me.

after all of this had come to an end, i can finally taste what it's like to live in peace. it's great ! thank you so much to all of you that have been by my side and supporting me throughout this so called conflict and to those who has been such a great help to me in solving this drama.

to all of you, THANK YOU SO MUCH !
and to her, I'M SORRY !

peace y'all (^-^)v

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


i don't really know what is wrong with me now
i am happy with my life
but at the same time I'm not
owh GOD !
please help me understand
what is really happening around me
and what is really wrong with me

real friends are really hard to find right now
i may not be your real friends
but i hope i do
I'll try my best to be your real friends
and i hope you do to

but to bad
you don't
maybe I'm just too much for you
or maybe you just don't understand me

I'm so effing tired
thinking bout these dumb asses in my life
and these effing problems
that i think can't be solve

but, who cares right
people just don't care
they are just too selfish
maybe I'm just one of them
in others' eyes

maybe some of you
might ask me what is really wrong with me
actually, i don't know
can you believe me
okay, maybe i do know
but, i don't really feel like sharing it right now

okay, right now
at this exact moment
I'm trying my best not to talk shit

*deep breathe*

why do i suddenly feel like crying
feelings oh feelings
why do i feel this way

i can't wait to go home
and pick up my guitar
strum it as hard as i can
and sing my lungs out
only these can make me feel better

sorry people
that i so call friends
i guess i have found my real friend
which i can rely on
to comfort me when I'm down
and laugh with me when I'm sad
and hate the people that i hate

thanks for always be there for me
my favourite THING

Monday, November 17, 2008


Sabtu, 15 nov

hari yg plg seronok, gembira dan best !
keluar beramai-ramai ngn rakan-rakan yg hebat
jime, hanan, min, sean, munzir, puden, amer n amsyar
tp sean blk awl sblom tgk movie coz dye demam
hari tuhh mmg seronok sgtt sgtt

tp yg xbest nyew
dew plakk sorg hamba Allah nie berlagak kaye yg teramat bangat !
org jd annoying n irritating plakk
asyk asyk nk kuar kn hp n pgg jew kt tgn
oh, hello
org laen pown de hp gakk
org ta heran lahh if hp 2 hp mahal pown
seriously, NOBODY cares

and and ktowg taw
kau mmg kaye teramat bangat smpy kau tak layak naik public transport kn kn ?
nk blk naek kete jew
nk pegy ts dr pv pown nk naek kete jew
tanak jln kaki
owh, sesungguhnye itu bukan kete kau

agy pown public transport kn bahaya
tak selamat
tp yg peliknye, ktowg sume naek okeyh jew
tak MATI pown
owh, lupe
kau kn KAYE
tak biase naek public transport
haish, pape jew lahh

afta movie kt ts
amsyar n munzir blk naik kete amsyar
tataw asal diorg kene/mahu blk cepat
ahhh, tak kesah lahh
ktowg meneruskan perjalanan ke pv
than had our LUNCH pukul 6 lbey
or should i say dinner

lps mkn jew tros camwhoring
camwhoring itu mmg best sgtt sgtt !
kn korg kn
tp mse jime msk toilet pmpn kt pv
mkck cleaner tuhh bising
kecoh plakk mkck tuhh
rilex lahh
bukan dew org pown dlm toilet tuhh
SUMPAH kosong
pew agy
kene palat lahh mkck tuhh
haha ;DD

so here are some of the photos that we took
enjoy ;)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


hari ini
aku sungguh gembire
aku keluar bersama rakan-rakan ku
kami gelak
kami ketawa
bersama sama

kau telah hancurkan mood aku
untuk satu hari itu
hanya kerana ada dia
kau mula marah marah

kau suruh aku jujur
jadi aku jujur
kau sms aku
tanya aku
dia ada ?
aku jawab ade
tapi ape yang aku dpt ?

aku dapat kemarahan kau
aku dapat cacian kau
aku dapat kesedihan
tapi kenapa ?
salah ke aku jujur ?

tidak ada langsung ruang ke
untuk aku dan dia jadi sahabat
jadi rakan
jadi kawan

hanya kerana kau cemburu
aku jadi mangsa
hanya kerana kau tidak suka
aku jadi mangsa
kau ingat aku takde perasaan ke

aku juga manusia seperti kau
aku juga punya perasaan

TERIMA KASIH aku ucapkan
khas untuk kau wahai SEMPURNA
kerana kau
telah membuatkan aku menitiskan air mata
saat aku sedang bergembira
bersama sama rakan rakan ku

*date: 12 nov

Monday, November 3, 2008


urghhh !!!
i feel like talking shit all night !!
why why why ?
why oh why ?
why do such things have to happen to me ?!
urghhhhh !!!!

i can't stand it anymore
i hate this
please sombody
help me
save me from these things
i don't think i can handle this myself
on my own
i need help
can sombody help me ?

hello world
can you help me
can you hear me people
are you listening ?
i need help
i need you
anybody ?

owh, God
why can't anyone help me ?
why can't i erase these feelings ?
help me God
hear me please
i can't stand this anymore
tears oh tears
please stop falling
i know i'm sad
but please stop rolling

p/s; sorry for my choice of words. just so you know, i don't have any intention of killing myself or something. this is just how i feel NOW ! i hate being in DILEMMA


woke up early.
tidy up my room.
went to music class.
owh, my class was GREAT !
i finally got the chords for my performance.
btw, i'll be performing two songs.
1st is addicted to love by robert palmer.
2nd is uptown girl.
i only got the chord for the 1st song.
OMG ! im already excited yet scared.
haha ;D
evening, went to my aunt house.
as we got there, me and my sis started cam whoring.
we took A LOT of pictures.
trust me when i said A LOT ;)
slept at my aunt house.
the day was G.R.E.A.T

nothing much happened.
just another lazy and boring Sunday.

Friday, October 31, 2008


we often have to choose in life
from what type of food should we eat
what product should we use
where is the best place to study
which hospital serves the best treatment
and even what clothes should we wear

all the choices that we make depends on the situation
the choices might change our life
it may brings us happiness or even disaster
we might be grateful with our choice or regret it

but once the choice has been made
you can't turn back time
your regret won't change anything
life must go on
that is why we have to choose wisely
follow your heart
follow your instinct
and just wish that the choice you make is the right one

what can love spare us ?
it often brings us happiness
but with that, there are also sorrow, tears and sadness
choices in love are one of the hardest choice to make
whom ever we choose, one heart will got broken
some might not bear seeing the person that they love being broken hearted
but that is the reality
we can't just leave them waiting and hoping
at the end of the day, we have to choose only ONE
such a DILEMMA

why do we have to choose ?
why can't we have both ?
it's human nature to feel such feelings
making choices is not the best thing to do
it is hard to make a choice when you have great things to choose from
what a life huhh ?
how hard making choices is, still we have to CHOOSE

Thursday, October 30, 2008

still loving you

i met you at school today
i asked you how you feel towards me
you didn't answer me at first
so i kept asking you the same question
you stared deeply into my eyes
i can't stand it when you stared at me
so i looked down
i asked you the question again
then you said, the stared is the answer
i pretend that i don't understand it
cause i don't want to make any assumption
still you don't give me the answer
i told you that i have to make a decision
i have to choose between you and him
you said that it's my life, not yours
you are okeyh with who ever i choose
i said how can i make my decision
when i don't really know how you feel towards me
then you said " I STILL LOVE YOU "
i'm totally speechless
i can still remember your expression when you said it
i can see your sincerity in you eyes
owh, what a life
you gave me the answer that i hope for
but, with that answer
it makes it harder for me to choose
i HATE being in dilemma
*date happened: 30.10.08

love affair

the first time we met
we just smiled at each other
then we became friends
you are really good to me
you are funny and cute
but you are 2 years younger than me
but it's okeyh
age is just a number right ?
then i add you on myspace
suddenly, one day
you asked me to be your girlfriend
i didn't give you my answer at that time
after a few days later
i met you at school and i said YES !
you smiled and we became more than friends
everything went really great
we even went out together
you treat me very well
you really know how to treat a girl

but then, one day
things got worst
i got back with my ex
we were just friends at first
but it seems like we can't forget each other
we can't let go of each other
then he broke up with his girlfriend
i don't know what to do
it has been a long time since you contacted me
you rarely text me and you never call me
than, i make a decision to break up with you
at first, you don't want to let me go
but, i said my decision is final
i'm sorry for doing this to you

now, i'm getting back with my ex
you and him are in one team which is nasyid
he said that you and him doesn't talk much anymore
then, he asked me to accept you back
he said that you really really love me
many people said you do
but still, i don't know what to do

at first, breaking up with you seems like the right thing to do
now, i'm not really sure anymore
people said that you are really sad
that you really can't let me go
but i just don't know what to do
i feel guilty
he kept asking me to accept you
he even asked me if i felt guilty by breaking up with you
and i said i YES
then he said that if i felt guilty, i must have loved you
i guess he was right
or is he ?
i don't really know
but i've made my decision
i chose him over you
i'm really sorry sayang
now, i feel really sad, guilty and wrong about my decision

does that mean that i love you ?
i don't know.

i can't bear seeing him with other girl
but at the same time, i feel like i want you
why can't i just have both ?
why do i have to choose ?
sometimes i kept thinking
what would it be like if i chose you instead ?
guess i will never know
now i kept thinking about you
i'm sorry for breaking your heart
i feel like i MISS you
miss you so much
but' i'm not really sure about it
you seems like you are trying to avoid me
hope you don't
really hope we can be friends
i'm really sorry for doing this to you
seriously, i don't really know what i feel right now
i feel guilty
does that mean that i love you ?
i miss you
does that mean that i love you ?
i kept remembering our memories
does that mean that i love you ?

p/s ; i know some of you might think that i'm bad. but, you just don't know how the real situation is. this is just a summary. it might take a long time to for me to explain it to you the real thing. everybody has their own opinion including you. so typical of you to judge me by what i wrote.


hey guys.
im actually new in blogging.
i've always wanted to blog.
but, kinda lazy to do it.
now i actually have time to blog.
so, here is my blog.

p/s; sorry for the grammar mistakes or anything. im not that good and perfect. im just an ordinary human who makes mistakes.