Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Miss You

i know that it's my fault this happen
and i also know that I'm the blame for all this

I'm not regretting this
it's just the fact that i miss you, us, we
it's the fact that i can't deny

i miss everything about this
i miss our time
i miss our memories
and i miss our laughter
i miss all the joy, the smile and the tears

i miss the time when we sat together at that little corner
starring into each others eyes
talking about how we truly feel
laughing at each others jokes
and feel as if the world is ours

i really, truly, deeply miss that moment

i am not regretting my decision
i just MISS everything about this

p/s ; i am sorry


afinatales said...

whoot. pasal siapakah?

saraosman said...

about him. my used-to-be bf.