Monday, June 29, 2009


there are so many things that i wanted to say.
but i don't really know where to start.

i know I'm such a burden
i should never be born into this world
all i ever did was hurt people
and caused problems

i never lied to you
all the things i said was true
i never have any intention of hurting you
but i guess that is what i just did out of blue

everything i told you was sincerely from my heart
but there was a thing that i just realized
and i know it tear your heart apart
but trust me, i never lied to you from the start

I'm sorry to all of you
who i ever hurt or caused problems to

worry no more dear
coz i won't disturb you anymore
wish you all the best in your life
happy always and you'll never be replaced

i always love you mama
and i miss you so much ayah
sometimes i wish you were here
hold me close and shed away my tears

I'm not questioning the fate
nor do I'm blaming my destiny
but i guess I'm not strong enough
to go through all this with my agony

robohkanlah dinding egomu itu sayang
lembutkanlah kekerasan hatimu itu
belajarlah mengalah sesekali waktu
aku terlalu rindu akan dikau yang lalu


Saturday, June 27, 2009


i truly deeply miss you.

i can't lie to myself anymore.

now i've said it,
i feel much better.

i wish that i could turn back time
so that we can be just like before.

p/s ; i am so sorry and i miss you.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


first of all, i wanted to wish a big fat happy birthday to my super gay partner, hanan izzati =)
happy 17th birthday sayangg !!

so today, we (me, nad, hanan and safwan) went to pavilion to celebrate hanan's birthday. our plan was to go for a karaoke at red box. but, the price was way expensive on Sunday. so we decided skipped the karaoke and just went for a lunch instead.

we had our lunch at Carl's Jr. and we spent hours there talking and laughing our lungs out. haha =D the burger was huge. so we decided to share. i shared my food with nad, and hanan shared hers with safwan. awww, they were so sweet. trust me =)

after hours at Carl's Jr, we went to the surau and had our prayer. we just spent a few more hours at pavilion. then back to klcc and back home.

seriously, hanan and safwan were so sweet together today. seeing them together reminds me a lot at the time when i had a boyfriend. haha =P

suddenly, i felt like i miss the moment when i used to have one. don't get me wrong. i don't miss my ex. i just miss the moment that we shared. we would talked, laughed and just enjoyed each second that we shared and spent together.

i am not desperate to have a boyfriend right now. it's not like I'd die without 'em. single is fun. trust me. ;)

and to you my dear, may god bless you and may you pass ur spm with flying colours. smoge berkekalan dengan safwan. love you lots huney <33 xoxo =)

Friday, June 19, 2009


yesterday i received a call from kak hana from Stream Entertainment and Production asking me whether i could come to their place on Friday at 3 which is today or not. they wanted me to do a casting as they are searching for new talents.

so, i said I'm not sure yet since i have to ask my mom first. then that night i told my mom about the call. and whether i could go or not. and she said, why not. then i called kak hana back and told her that i could go.

so, today i went there with my mom. they asked me to fill a form and i did. then kak qys explained a lil bit about the casting to me. if i was accepted in this casting which i'm not confident that i will get, i will have to attend classes which they will train me on how to be a singer, model and actress. HAHA =P

so, the first thing that i was asked to do was pose. i have to pose for 4 different poses. then a closed up photography.

second thing that i got to do was act. they asked me to do 3 different facial expression which were sad, mad and happy.

then, i have to do a lil catwalk and pose.

the last one was my favourite one =) the asked me to sing. so i sung a song called the show by Lenka. i love that song =)

after all that, kak qys called me to her room. she said that i have a great voice but it needed to be brush up a lil bit. and she also said that i have a potential and can go far in modelling. she said that i was thin and tall. bt, i was like what ?? =_=" i am so NOT what she said i am. haha =D

then, she explained to me about the classes. this means that i was accepted. yeayy !!! but, i have to asked my mom first of course. and i didn't make any decision yet whether to accept the offer or not. any oppinion guys ? haha ;)

so that was a lil bit about the casting. toodles ^-^

p/s ; i dont have any attention of bragging okeyh biatch !! ^^

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sleepover At Aina's

we as in me, ija and fyna were having a sleepover at aina's.
fyna went back at 3 p.m. today.
so, while waiting for my mom to pick me up, aina and i decided to make a video.
the video was taken by ija.
so, here is the video.
enjoy !! =)
warning ; before u click the play button, i warn u to buy an ear pluck. HAHA =D

told u to buy an ear pluck. =P btw, we know our voice are not that great.
but, who cares. this video was made juz for fun. LOL ;)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Big P

woohooo !!!

finally i got my P license.

after all the tiring yet fun class
i finally got the big P ^-^

today was my JPJ test
and i would lie if i said that i'm not nervous
i could totally feel the the butterflies in my stomach

so i woke up early in the morn as in 6.30 a.m. and waited for abg faizal, my instructor to pick me up at medan tuanku at 8.
then, we went to dengkil for the test

we arrived there around 9.45 a.m
the 1st session already started
and you know what ?
i got the 3rd session which started at 2.30 p.m.

i was like what ??
what am i supposed to do for that long hours of waiting ?
i could die of boredom

but thank God, i met this group of people and hang out with them

after a long long long hours of waiting,
finally the 3rd session was about to start

so, i went to d office and took my number which is 17, and registered at the JPJ counter
by that time i was super nervous
all i could think about was amie's advice
thnx amie =)

after completed all the task, then it was time for the road test
and again, Alhamdulillah i passed
i' m so glad that i got JPJ officer that kinda cool ;)

special thanx to amie and futra for giving me support throughout the day and pray for me. thnx to my mom and my instructor for all the advice. and thnx for believing in me guys. love ya lots =)