Saturday, February 14, 2009

School's Marathon

today, my school held a marathon. it was divided into 4 category.

L1- guys under 18 (around 9 km)
L2- guys under 15 (around 7 km)
P1- girls under 18 (around 5 km)
P2- girls under 15 (around 5 km)

as you all know, i was in category P1. so i have to run about 5 km. it's not near you know.

that run was absolutely tiring. i was dehydrated by the time i arrived at the finish line. the teacher was shouting at me to run and cross the finish line before i passed out. and thank God i manage to cross it before i almost passed out.

i know i don't run that fast. but I'm really glad coz i got number 19. its quite good right ? haha ;)

now, my leg whole leg hurt. from my waist till my toe. it's really hard for me to climb the stairs, to sit and get up again and even move. i don't really know how am i gonna run 4x400 final this Monday.

wish me luck y'all =)

p/s; i am so tanned right now. haish =_="


adilahalim ; said...

kewl saja bila kau naik tangga batu cave utk amek piala tu. serius. abes saket tekak aku menjerit kat belakang tu kau tawu. :)

eh eh, abes laa umah kuninggg, 4x400 dah tak kuat daa. tengok laaa umah biru nantiii.... haha!

*lame comment,i know. haha!*

saraosman said...

oyeah ? haha =D thnx lahh lalink coz snggp bersaket tkk bgy sokongan ;)

fyne lahh. rumah biru mng kn. tau lahh sume power. grrr =p

adilahalim ; said...

sara. ade budak bangang gi plagiat entri nih.

blog aku pn dye plagiat.
syaithon betol.