Saturday, August 22, 2009


Syaaban has gone and here comes Ramadan
i hope that it's not too late for me to wish u guys happy fasting ;)

it feels like time is flying by so fast
feels like just yesterday i was taking PMR
and now i'm sitting for SPM

with Ramadan here,
SPM feels so close

i am so not ready yet

i know i have to face it sooner or later
but i couldn't bare thinking about it

i don't think I'm ready to grow up yet
and i don't even know when I'll be ready

what am i gonna do after SPM ?
i am so gonna miss my friends and school

I'm gonna miss the high school drama
and all the school activities

i can't imagine my life without school
who would ever thought that I'd be missing school this much.
HAHA ^__^

this thought keeps bugging me nowadays
hmmm, I'm scared to just think about the future

it's a big responsibility of being an adult
will i be able to hold that responsibility ?