Thursday, August 27, 2009


haha. title tanak bla owh ;D

okeyh. juz wanted to tell u guys that i may not update this blog much anymore
since there are so many stalkers out there

so i made a new one
more private one

to u guys out there
who still wanna read my blog
just simply leave ur email add at the cbox or the comment of this entry

that's all
thank u neway

p/s ; url for new blog ' ' . LALA , bley eyh tiru ejaan rwksta ? heee ^___^

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


It’s funny yet very sad to know that
one(s) who u considered as ur bestfriend(s) didn’t think the same way bout u
I mean it’s sad to just think about it

U’ll end up feeling like a loser at the end of the day
Pathetic huhh ?

People around u might just give the same cliche advice
Just chill. People are like that. And what so ever

But u can’t just neglect how u felt right ?

This is how I feel lately
I don’t really know why
Mungkin aku yang terase lebih

Hmm, mungkin.

tapi knp kalau aku yang terasa lebih salah ?
kalau orang itu ialah kau,
ia akan menjadi satu perkara yang betul sebetul-betulnya

mungkin aku tak layak untuk rasa sebegitu.

maaf jika aku ketiadaan kredit utk bertanya khabar
i was not born with silver spoon in my mouth
maaf jika aku tidak menyapa mahupun meninggalkan comment di laman sesawang yang ada
aku tidak selalu berada di atas talian

tapi itu semua tidak bermakna aku tidak kisah
tidak bermakna aku tidak peduli
aku sudah tahu khabar dari sumber yang boleh dipercayai

mungkin aku juga salah
tidak menyuruh orang yang sepatutnya bertanyakan khabar
aku juga salah
kerana tidak menyuruh orang yang sepatutnya menyampaikan salam

memang aku yang salah
semua kesalahan dilemparkan kepada aku
memang aku yang terasa lebih
tapi itu hak aku

p/s ; enuf with the sarcasm already. Who do u think I am ? A heartless human being ?

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Syaaban has gone and here comes Ramadan
i hope that it's not too late for me to wish u guys happy fasting ;)

it feels like time is flying by so fast
feels like just yesterday i was taking PMR
and now i'm sitting for SPM

with Ramadan here,
SPM feels so close

i am so not ready yet

i know i have to face it sooner or later
but i couldn't bare thinking about it

i don't think I'm ready to grow up yet
and i don't even know when I'll be ready

what am i gonna do after SPM ?
i am so gonna miss my friends and school

I'm gonna miss the high school drama
and all the school activities

i can't imagine my life without school
who would ever thought that I'd be missing school this much.
HAHA ^__^

this thought keeps bugging me nowadays
hmmm, I'm scared to just think about the future

it's a big responsibility of being an adult
will i be able to hold that responsibility ?

Friday, August 21, 2009

21st Aug

happy birthday dear friend.
may Allah bless u and may u have a prosperous life.
have a healthy and wealthy life. ahha ;D
owh. and, may u achieve all ur dreams and hopes in life ^____^

lotsa love ;
saraseyra <3

Friday, August 14, 2009

Prefect's Gathering

nasyid performance by Al-Manna.
sedap kn ?
me likey ^_____^

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bcoz of You

i cried twice today
juz because of you
but i don't think you notice that
since you don't have a clue

this fragile heart of mine
has been broken by so many times
yet it never hated them
who had done such a scam

I'm not in the mood today
that's why i play
as if i am okay
while the real thing is everything was grey

but no matter how i tried
to hide what's inside
people would juz might
know even juz in a sight

to those who ask
why I'm so blue
i don't know what to say
or what i should do

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ku Katakan Dengan Indah

trial is juz a few days away.
and here i am, sitting down in front of my laptop blogging about nothing.

owh. and this is the video that i made this evening.
i was so boring and decided to make this video.
i made it juz for fun. so enjoy. HAHA =D

actually, there are a lot of stuff that i kept inside me.
juz waiting for the right time to finally burst out.

but, i don't really know when.
i don't really have the guts to let it all out juz yet.

wish me luck with the trial guys =)

p/s ; i know my voice is bad. but, who cares. i'm not a singer. ahha =D

Monday, August 10, 2009

Deep Down Inside

I'm a rebellious kid.
and I've always been that way.

juz that i don't really have the guts to do what i feel.
maybe that's the difference between me and other rebellions out there.
I'm not that brave nor daring.

i am so tired of the good girl image that people gave me.
they wanted me and expected me to be the way they want me to be.
a good girl.

and now I'm finally have the guts to do what i feel.
this is what happened when my rage gets control of me.

goodbye school.
and hello home.

so to YOU ________,
don't ever try to challenge me with something.
coz when I've the guts to do it,

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Super Bish !

PERINGATAN : entri ini mungkin panjang nya berjela. ayat nya juga mungkin penuh dengan kata-kata amarah kerana penulis sedang menulis mengikut emosi. *HAHA. poyo jew ayt*


korang nie kenape eyh sbnr nye ?
knp perlu ade rase tak puas hati ?
knp perlu rse tercabar dan tergugat dgn aku ?
pelik. sungguh pelik !

korang dpn aku bukan main baik lagi.
macam malaikat.
blkg aku, kutuk aku habis-habisan kan ?
korang fikir aku tak tahu ?
korang fikir aku bodoh sangat kew macam korg ?

hey !
cube korg cermin diri korang tuhh dulu.
korg nk ckp org hipokrit ?
korg nk ckp org plastik ?
yang korang FAKE gyler babi tuhh takpe.
tak hipokrit kew name nyew ?!

owh, lpe pulakk.
korg kan mmg baik.
korg kan PERFECT !
aku jew yang jahat.
aku jew yang bish !

wanna know what ?
i regret ever knowing u and told u stories.
coz in the end, u used it to go against me and stabbed me in the back.
dasar kawan makan kawan.

eyh, chop !
kte kawan kew ?
korg kan BERLAKON jew jadi kawan aku.
pfft !

jgn terkejut kalau lps nie aku lyn korg cam palat ;)

lepas berfikir sejenak, baru aku teringat.
selama nie sume bende yang dia cakap kat aku ade betol nya.

aku patut lebih berhati-hati dengan korg yg BUSUK HATI nya.
lepas sume nie berlaku, baru aku tahu dan nmpk ape yg dia mksd kn.

korg mesti gembira dan sedang bergelak ketawa
sampai pecah perut dengan ape yg berlaku kn ?
mklm lahh. korg kan memang tak suka ktorg.
dasar HATI BUSUK !

tengok lahh.
dengan perangai korg yg s**l cam b**i nie,
takde sape yang akan percaya n suke kat korg dahh.
satu hari nanti korg akan dpt blsn nyew jgkk.
what goes around, comes around.
do keep that in mind okeyh Loser !

kpd dia ;
saya minta maaf dari hujung rambut sampai hujung kaki.
harap sume kesalahan saya dimaafkan.
maaf. maaf. maaf dan maaf.
sampai bila kit nak cmnie ??
hmmm =(

Monday, August 3, 2009


i really adore this guy.
he's from Brunei and he wrote this song himself.
it's called kau tahu.
he has such a great voice and he plays the guitar very well.

I'm a huge fan of him.
but i don't really know whether he's an artist or not.

I'm such a fan of guys that can play the guitar.
a great voice is a plus.
heeee ;)