Wednesday, November 26, 2008


i don't really know what is wrong with me now
i am happy with my life
but at the same time I'm not
owh GOD !
please help me understand
what is really happening around me
and what is really wrong with me

real friends are really hard to find right now
i may not be your real friends
but i hope i do
I'll try my best to be your real friends
and i hope you do to

but to bad
you don't
maybe I'm just too much for you
or maybe you just don't understand me

I'm so effing tired
thinking bout these dumb asses in my life
and these effing problems
that i think can't be solve

but, who cares right
people just don't care
they are just too selfish
maybe I'm just one of them
in others' eyes

maybe some of you
might ask me what is really wrong with me
actually, i don't know
can you believe me
okay, maybe i do know
but, i don't really feel like sharing it right now

okay, right now
at this exact moment
I'm trying my best not to talk shit

*deep breathe*

why do i suddenly feel like crying
feelings oh feelings
why do i feel this way

i can't wait to go home
and pick up my guitar
strum it as hard as i can
and sing my lungs out
only these can make me feel better

sorry people
that i so call friends
i guess i have found my real friend
which i can rely on
to comfort me when I'm down
and laugh with me when I'm sad
and hate the people that i hate

thanks for always be there for me
my favourite THING

Monday, November 17, 2008


Sabtu, 15 nov

hari yg plg seronok, gembira dan best !
keluar beramai-ramai ngn rakan-rakan yg hebat
jime, hanan, min, sean, munzir, puden, amer n amsyar
tp sean blk awl sblom tgk movie coz dye demam
hari tuhh mmg seronok sgtt sgtt

tp yg xbest nyew
dew plakk sorg hamba Allah nie berlagak kaye yg teramat bangat !
org jd annoying n irritating plakk
asyk asyk nk kuar kn hp n pgg jew kt tgn
oh, hello
org laen pown de hp gakk
org ta heran lahh if hp 2 hp mahal pown
seriously, NOBODY cares

and and ktowg taw
kau mmg kaye teramat bangat smpy kau tak layak naik public transport kn kn ?
nk blk naek kete jew
nk pegy ts dr pv pown nk naek kete jew
tanak jln kaki
owh, sesungguhnye itu bukan kete kau

agy pown public transport kn bahaya
tak selamat
tp yg peliknye, ktowg sume naek okeyh jew
tak MATI pown
owh, lupe
kau kn KAYE
tak biase naek public transport
haish, pape jew lahh

afta movie kt ts
amsyar n munzir blk naik kete amsyar
tataw asal diorg kene/mahu blk cepat
ahhh, tak kesah lahh
ktowg meneruskan perjalanan ke pv
than had our LUNCH pukul 6 lbey
or should i say dinner

lps mkn jew tros camwhoring
camwhoring itu mmg best sgtt sgtt !
kn korg kn
tp mse jime msk toilet pmpn kt pv
mkck cleaner tuhh bising
kecoh plakk mkck tuhh
rilex lahh
bukan dew org pown dlm toilet tuhh
SUMPAH kosong
pew agy
kene palat lahh mkck tuhh
haha ;DD

so here are some of the photos that we took
enjoy ;)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


hari ini
aku sungguh gembire
aku keluar bersama rakan-rakan ku
kami gelak
kami ketawa
bersama sama

kau telah hancurkan mood aku
untuk satu hari itu
hanya kerana ada dia
kau mula marah marah

kau suruh aku jujur
jadi aku jujur
kau sms aku
tanya aku
dia ada ?
aku jawab ade
tapi ape yang aku dpt ?

aku dapat kemarahan kau
aku dapat cacian kau
aku dapat kesedihan
tapi kenapa ?
salah ke aku jujur ?

tidak ada langsung ruang ke
untuk aku dan dia jadi sahabat
jadi rakan
jadi kawan

hanya kerana kau cemburu
aku jadi mangsa
hanya kerana kau tidak suka
aku jadi mangsa
kau ingat aku takde perasaan ke

aku juga manusia seperti kau
aku juga punya perasaan

TERIMA KASIH aku ucapkan
khas untuk kau wahai SEMPURNA
kerana kau
telah membuatkan aku menitiskan air mata
saat aku sedang bergembira
bersama sama rakan rakan ku

*date: 12 nov

Monday, November 3, 2008


urghhh !!!
i feel like talking shit all night !!
why why why ?
why oh why ?
why do such things have to happen to me ?!
urghhhhh !!!!

i can't stand it anymore
i hate this
please sombody
help me
save me from these things
i don't think i can handle this myself
on my own
i need help
can sombody help me ?

hello world
can you help me
can you hear me people
are you listening ?
i need help
i need you
anybody ?

owh, God
why can't anyone help me ?
why can't i erase these feelings ?
help me God
hear me please
i can't stand this anymore
tears oh tears
please stop falling
i know i'm sad
but please stop rolling

p/s; sorry for my choice of words. just so you know, i don't have any intention of killing myself or something. this is just how i feel NOW ! i hate being in DILEMMA


woke up early.
tidy up my room.
went to music class.
owh, my class was GREAT !
i finally got the chords for my performance.
btw, i'll be performing two songs.
1st is addicted to love by robert palmer.
2nd is uptown girl.
i only got the chord for the 1st song.
OMG ! im already excited yet scared.
haha ;D
evening, went to my aunt house.
as we got there, me and my sis started cam whoring.
we took A LOT of pictures.
trust me when i said A LOT ;)
slept at my aunt house.
the day was G.R.E.A.T

nothing much happened.
just another lazy and boring Sunday.