Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sweet17 #2

hey guys. I'm so damn sorry coz it takes me such a long time to update my blog.

9 Jan 09, my super bestfriend or should i call my gay partner, hanan izzati made a so called surprise party for me at school. but too bad sayangg. i kinda had it figured out. heee =p

btw, i really really appreciate your effort for planning this up for me. u even bake me a cake. thank you so much sayangg !! i love you lahh. we had loads of fun that day. I'll upload the pics later. okeyh ? =)

p/s; yasmin also gave me a huge cut of brownie which she bakes herself. and it is super delicious. thank you sayangg. owh. and she also light up a candle for me. thanx for the effort dear. weeee =D