Friday, May 14, 2010

Today Was A Fairytale

Today was a fairytale
You were the prince
I used to be a damsel in distress
You took me by the hand and you picked me up at six
Today was a fairytale

i am so in love with that song ;]

anyway, yesterday (13th May) we went shopping to buy some stuff for me since I'm going to UiTM soon. i love shopping with him. he really knows how to give me some fashion advices. hehe
so, we decided to go to BB to buy some clothes.

before that, we decided to have our lunch first. since it has been forever since we last met (haha. it has only been almost 2 weeks actually. i love exaggerating ^^ ) , we decided to go and have our lunch at some fancy restaurant. HAHA. so we walked to Chili's in KLCC from BB since he already parked the car in BB.

then suddenly while we were enjoying our lunch, the rain started falling. we were like, oh great ! how are we suppose to go back to BB ? *sigh so, we decided to chill a lil bit longer there. at least till the rain stops. but, too bad. it started to rain heavily. so, we went window shopping in KLCC for a while until i decided that we should go back to BB.

i wanted to buy an umbrella. but, he said that it would be such a waste. and i was like, wtv. okeyh then. he decided that we just walked through the rain. really good idea sayang -_-' he gave me his cap and we walked and run through the rain. thank god that it does not rain heavily.

imagine me in my heels running through the rain. =_________=" my feet was aching. seriously. and we were soaking wet. but it was really a fun and so-called-romantic experience. HAHA ;D

we do manage to reach BB. but of course we were WET and COLD. so we shop with that condition and then went back home. so, here are some picture of us. enjoy ;)

at chili's while waiting for our food.

ehem. hensem lahh tuhh ? :P

he ate chicken spaghetti and i ate swiss-mushroom burger.
delicious ;)
owh, and that is the other half of my burger which i can't finish.
i only manage to finish half of it as always. heee ^__^

happy faces with full stomach ;]
mata yang tak cukup tidur and senyum yang tak ikhlas.

yup. we do love making faces ^^

this is when we were on our way home.
we were stuck in a traffic jam and we were still wet when this picture is taken.


Monday, May 3, 2010

i look terrible. huhh. who cares anyway.
i've been locking myself up in my room for two days already.

ade tersalah lirik part dahh nk habis tuhh. hehe.
maklum lahh baru jew blaja main lagu nie smlm.
tuhh pown because of him. hmm

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Macam ....

i have been keeping this for too long now. way too long. and it seems like the more i kept quiet, the more u try too control me. for goodness sake, u are not my mother !!

i know i am way too young compared to you. but, kaw sape nk tentukan arah hidup aku ? kaw spe nk tentukan mase depan aku ? kaw sape nk tentukan dengan sape aku perlu berkawan, dengan sape aku perlu bersama, course ape aku perlu ambik.

aku dahh bosan lahh dengan sikap bossy kaw tuhh ! sume org pown kena dgr ckp kaw. kalau takk, org tuhh kaw kate bodoh ! memang kaw lahh yang paling pandai kat dalam dunia nie. memang kaw sorg jew lahh yg betol. ape yang kaw ckp sume org kena dengar kan ?

puas dahh hati kaw sekarang ? puas dahh kaw hancurkan kebahagiaan aku ? puas dahh kaw tengok aku sedih ? PUAS TAKK ?!! kalau takk puas, fikir lahh rancangan lain. biar sampai kaw puas ! kaw nk aku hormat kaw. tapi kaw takk reti nak hormat orang lain. walaupun dengan orang yang lagi tua dari kaw. even dengan makk kaw sendiri.

tolong lahh weyh. aku BUKAN anak kaw. jadi tolong lahh jangan cuba nak control hidup aku ! tolong lahh jangan buatkan pilihan untuk aku. sebab pilihan yang kaw buat tuhh tak semestinya aku suka. cukuplahh kaw jaga jew anak kaw tuhh. anak kaw tuhh dahh kawen pown kn ? jadi tapayah lahh nak kacau hidup aku !

sbb mulut kaw yang mcm longkang tuhh, ktorang jadi macam nie kaw taw takk ? ktorg mungkin dahh tak dapat nk bersama lagi. semua sbb kaw ! KAW KAW KAW ! aku rasa macam dahh malas and menyampahh nak tengok muka kaw. kaw tahu takk ?

kaw memang takk boleh nak tengok ktorg bahagia kan ? yang kaw nk dengki sangat ngn ktorg nie kenapa ? tak faham lahh aku ! ktorg takk kacau hidup kaw pown lahh ! ktorg takk sentuh pown duit dan taik kaw. kaw jage jew lahh anak2 kaw tuhh. tak perlu sibuk2 nk jage anak org lain !

lepas nie mesti kaw suka kan kalau ktorg dahh takde papew. mesty kaw melonjak-lonjak gembira sebab kaw dahh berjaya pisahkan ktorg. TAHNIAH lahh untuk kaw ! kaw memang nak sangat ktorg berpisahh kan ?! terima kasih sebab buat aku sedih dan menangis tersedu-sedu. terima kasih sebab buat aku menagis sampai aku tak boleh bernafas dan semput. TERIMA KASIH !!

you. i swear to God i seriously truly love you with all my heart !! ='(