Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Friday, December 10, 2010

The Hardwork Paid Off

Alhamdulillah. i got the Dean's List for my finals :) i really hope to keep this up throughout the upcoming semesters. insyaAllah, aminn.

i guess all my hardwork does pay off very well. thanks to Allah :)

p/s ; makkk. saya dapat empat rata. heee =D

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Updating #2

poor blog. i've been neglecting it for quite some times. i'm so sorry. i just don't know what to write. moreover, i'm in my examination week now. so, there are not much time for me to squeeze in and write my blog. all i got is the time to study, study, study.

i'm glad that there will only be one paper left, which is management. it is my last paper which will be on the 11th of november. and then, home sweet home for me. hehe. i can't wait to go home. i really2 miss my family. currently missing my sister much. hahaha. so weird of me to confess that. ahha :P

hmm, i don't know what else to write. i guess that is all for now.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

7-10 Oct 2010

the happiest four days of year 2010.

i love you so much sayangg ;)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sept 16, 2010

was the happiest day of my life.
Let the pictures tell it all.

he totally surprised me that day.

Location : Starbucks, Bukit Bintang
Time : 19:59

this picture is a lil bit shaky
as i am so nervous, excited, happy, surprised and speechless.
heeee ^____^

at pavilion while waiting for the movie
muka sangat happy and bahagia. haha :D
mata dia memang allergic dgn flash -_-"

i love this picture ;)

in the cinema
watching step up 3 3D
the movie was EPIC ! =)

THE box ;D


Monday, September 13, 2010

Eid 2010

Happy Eid al-Fitr people.
hope you guys would forgive me for all my wrong doings or bad words.

like any other family, Hari Raya is the day for us to get together and seek for forgiveness. so, here are some of the pictures during 1st Hari Raya.

siblings ;)

i love you mama =)

happy eid people :D

muka macam budak2. HAHA
tak kesah lahh. i still love you sayangg ;)
kesian u takk cukup tido during first hari raya.

his leg, my head.
i love being a little immature when i'm with him ;P

so that night, we decided to go and watch the movies. moreover, it has been quite a long time since we both spend some quality time together. owh how much i missed him when i was in kelantan. tsk T.T

on our way to pavilion. muka sangat gembira ;D

i love my prince ^___^

he is my other half ^3^

thank you sayang for the precious moments. ly !

Friday, August 27, 2010


wow ! it has been ages since i last updated my blog.
currently been busy with tests that i got before raya.

now i'm glad that management test and accounting test are finally over.

i can't wait for Hari Raya !
heeeee ^_______________^

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


why do i kept bumping with a person like you ?
with the same exact attitude like you do ?
haihh -_-'


to you my past ;

THANK YOU so much for existing in my life
THANK YOU so much for that sweet words

if only i could turn back time, i wish that i don't even met you and knew you.

now, i regret ever knowing you. FULLSTOP !

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sometimes ;

i regret ever knowing you.

sometimes i don't.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Self Expression

I just knew something today that makes my day all gloomy and moody.
haihh. All thanks to you PEREMPUAN !

i've never, i repeat, NEVER said anything bad about you.

yang kau perasan sangat kenapa perempuan ?
kau bajet kau HOT sgt ke utk aku cakap2 pasal kau ?
kau fikir aku takde kerja lain ?
byk lagi lahh assignment aku yang aku nak kena buat.

SUMPAH buang masa gila babi untuk aku layan perempuan macam kau !

aku tahu kau kaya.
aku tahu kau cantik.
aku tahu aku bukan sape2 berbanding ngan kau.

TAPI, tolonglahh ye perempuan.
aku TAK cakap apa2 pon lahh pasal kau.
kau jangan nak PERASAN sangat boleh takk ?!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Campus Life

it feels so great to be back. hehehe :)

life here in UiTM Machang, Kelantan was not so bad after all.
i've got a couple of cool and nice friends.
but of course u can't compared them to my rawksta buddies ^-^

i also lost 5kg since i got here.
woohoo ! what an acomplishment. hehe ;D
thanks to those mountain-high stairs. haihh


okeyh. skrg sesi luahan hati pula ;

tak sampai sebulan kat sini, aku dahh maki org.
haihh. but, secara dalaman of course -_-"

kpd kau ;
perlu ke kau pandang aku mcm tuhh hoii ?
salah ke kalau aku rapat dengan dia ?
kenapa ? kau jealous ? kau suka dia ke ?
kau fikir aku bodoh sgt ke ?
kau pk aku tak tau yg kau ckp blkg psl aku ?
haihh. LANTAK kau lahh weyh !

kpd kau pula ;
perlu ke kau jadi penyampai yg tak berbayar ?
mulut kau mmg mcm palat eyh ?
kalau kau JANGAN nk sibuk pasal aku bolehh takk ?
tak paham lahh aku. haihh.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Today Was A Fairytale

Today was a fairytale
You were the prince
I used to be a damsel in distress
You took me by the hand and you picked me up at six
Today was a fairytale

i am so in love with that song ;]

anyway, yesterday (13th May) we went shopping to buy some stuff for me since I'm going to UiTM soon. i love shopping with him. he really knows how to give me some fashion advices. hehe
so, we decided to go to BB to buy some clothes.

before that, we decided to have our lunch first. since it has been forever since we last met (haha. it has only been almost 2 weeks actually. i love exaggerating ^^ ) , we decided to go and have our lunch at some fancy restaurant. HAHA. so we walked to Chili's in KLCC from BB since he already parked the car in BB.

then suddenly while we were enjoying our lunch, the rain started falling. we were like, oh great ! how are we suppose to go back to BB ? *sigh so, we decided to chill a lil bit longer there. at least till the rain stops. but, too bad. it started to rain heavily. so, we went window shopping in KLCC for a while until i decided that we should go back to BB.

i wanted to buy an umbrella. but, he said that it would be such a waste. and i was like, wtv. okeyh then. he decided that we just walked through the rain. really good idea sayang -_-' he gave me his cap and we walked and run through the rain. thank god that it does not rain heavily.

imagine me in my heels running through the rain. =_________=" my feet was aching. seriously. and we were soaking wet. but it was really a fun and so-called-romantic experience. HAHA ;D

we do manage to reach BB. but of course we were WET and COLD. so we shop with that condition and then went back home. so, here are some picture of us. enjoy ;)

at chili's while waiting for our food.

ehem. hensem lahh tuhh ? :P

he ate chicken spaghetti and i ate swiss-mushroom burger.
delicious ;)
owh, and that is the other half of my burger which i can't finish.
i only manage to finish half of it as always. heee ^__^

happy faces with full stomach ;]
mata yang tak cukup tidur and senyum yang tak ikhlas.

yup. we do love making faces ^^

this is when we were on our way home.
we were stuck in a traffic jam and we were still wet when this picture is taken.


Monday, May 3, 2010

i look terrible. huhh. who cares anyway.
i've been locking myself up in my room for two days already.

ade tersalah lirik part dahh nk habis tuhh. hehe.
maklum lahh baru jew blaja main lagu nie smlm.
tuhh pown because of him. hmm

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Macam ....

i have been keeping this for too long now. way too long. and it seems like the more i kept quiet, the more u try too control me. for goodness sake, u are not my mother !!

i know i am way too young compared to you. but, kaw sape nk tentukan arah hidup aku ? kaw spe nk tentukan mase depan aku ? kaw sape nk tentukan dengan sape aku perlu berkawan, dengan sape aku perlu bersama, course ape aku perlu ambik.

aku dahh bosan lahh dengan sikap bossy kaw tuhh ! sume org pown kena dgr ckp kaw. kalau takk, org tuhh kaw kate bodoh ! memang kaw lahh yang paling pandai kat dalam dunia nie. memang kaw sorg jew lahh yg betol. ape yang kaw ckp sume org kena dengar kan ?

puas dahh hati kaw sekarang ? puas dahh kaw hancurkan kebahagiaan aku ? puas dahh kaw tengok aku sedih ? PUAS TAKK ?!! kalau takk puas, fikir lahh rancangan lain. biar sampai kaw puas ! kaw nk aku hormat kaw. tapi kaw takk reti nak hormat orang lain. walaupun dengan orang yang lagi tua dari kaw. even dengan makk kaw sendiri.

tolong lahh weyh. aku BUKAN anak kaw. jadi tolong lahh jangan cuba nak control hidup aku ! tolong lahh jangan buatkan pilihan untuk aku. sebab pilihan yang kaw buat tuhh tak semestinya aku suka. cukuplahh kaw jaga jew anak kaw tuhh. anak kaw tuhh dahh kawen pown kn ? jadi tapayah lahh nak kacau hidup aku !

sbb mulut kaw yang mcm longkang tuhh, ktorang jadi macam nie kaw taw takk ? ktorg mungkin dahh tak dapat nk bersama lagi. semua sbb kaw ! KAW KAW KAW ! aku rasa macam dahh malas and menyampahh nak tengok muka kaw. kaw tahu takk ?

kaw memang takk boleh nak tengok ktorg bahagia kan ? yang kaw nk dengki sangat ngn ktorg nie kenapa ? tak faham lahh aku ! ktorg takk kacau hidup kaw pown lahh ! ktorg takk sentuh pown duit dan taik kaw. kaw jage jew lahh anak2 kaw tuhh. tak perlu sibuk2 nk jage anak org lain !

lepas nie mesti kaw suka kan kalau ktorg dahh takde papew. mesty kaw melonjak-lonjak gembira sebab kaw dahh berjaya pisahkan ktorg. TAHNIAH lahh untuk kaw ! kaw memang nak sangat ktorg berpisahh kan ?! terima kasih sebab buat aku sedih dan menangis tersedu-sedu. terima kasih sebab buat aku menagis sampai aku tak boleh bernafas dan semput. TERIMA KASIH !!

you. i swear to God i seriously truly love you with all my heart !! ='(

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


you know what
it is true when people said that you won't know what u really love until you have lost it.
thus, treasure and appreciate everything that u have and the people that you love.

i have always wonder how long this relationship will last.
i have always wanted a long lasting relationship.
coz you know what, i really love you sayangg.

so please, don't leave now.
please don't leave me when i really need you.

if it is stated that u are not for me, than I'll accept it.
but, please. not now.
just not now. I'm just not ready to lose you.


Saturday, April 24, 2010


adalah aku.

dan aku mmg bukan kaw.
jadi jgn compare bolehh ?


Friday, April 16, 2010

kau apehal pukimak ? aku tak kacau kau, yang kau nak kacau aku kenapa ? pegi mampus lahh aku nak buat ape pown. aku tak menyibuk sikit pown lahh dengan hal kau. duit dengan taik kau pown aku tak sentuh. jadi, tolong jangan nak kacau aku lagi okeyh ?! dan tolong lahh berhenti stalk aku !

*i'm so not in the mood right now. mind my choices of words. i've been patient for TOO long now.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


baru terasa mcm nk tulis pasal US.

yes, i do kinda have that jealousy feeling when i read people's blog when they wrote bout their loved ones. hehe ^-^

so, this is how the story goes ;

last thursday (8/4), ktorg pegi ampang park sbb dye nk dinner kat situ. so, he texted me asking whether or not i nk ikot or tak. i was like, okeyh lar. why not tmnkn dye dinner kn. so after dinner, dye ajk jalan2 around KL. i pown okeyh jew lahh. then jalan kaki from ampang park to KLCC. lepak jpp kat taman KLCC then i ajk dye blk.

cut the story short, time dahh sampai ampang park tuhh, my slipper boleh putus plakk. i was like wth (?!). malu gyler kowt dgn dye T.T but thank God time tuhh kat dpn ktorg juz ade 1 couple nie jew. so tak lahh malu sgtt. nk beli slipper baru, kedai sume dahh tutup. thank God time tuhh dahh mlm, kedai sume dahh tutup n dahh tak ramai orang. so, kena lahh tebalkan muka and buat muka tak malu, pegang slipper tuhh and jalan kaki ayam. dahh macam jalan kat tepi pantai dahh. sumpah malu gyler ngn dye T.T

hananinot, u know how i felt that time kan sygg kan ? hehe

the best part bout the most humiliating incident was the time nk pegi kat kereta tuhh, he gave me a piggy-back ride. awwww. thank u sygg ^___^ kesian u kn ? dahh lahh i berat =.="

p/s ;

ini muka merajuk saya masa saya merajuk dgn dia.
hehe ^-^

Friday, April 9, 2010


yeay ! I've won an award from my gay partner hananinot. thank u sayangg !! ^-^

so here are a few rules that u gotta do if u win this award. HAHA

1.Thank and link the person that give you the award (done)
2.Pass this award to 15 bloggers you've recently discovered (10 is enough, i think)
3.Contact said Blogs and let them know they've won the award (not done.haha ;P)
4.State seven things about yourself

1. Lala
2. Fyna
3. Teefa
4. Jime
5. Aten
6. Aina
7. Adam
8. You
9. You
10. You

so, here are 7 things about me ;

i. i dislike cats so bad. i don't know why
ii. I'm afraid of heights
iii. I'm not the good girl type that people thought i am
iv. I'm pretty much obsess in getting a great body figure
v. i wanna loose weight so bad
vi. i am paranoid about my body. i always have this thought that i am F.A.T
vii. i am so in love right now. HAHA ;D

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Come and Go

this entry is dedicated to the guys who had come into my life, brightens up my day and then..
poof ! they disappear. not really disappear. it's just that time goes by, people change, and bla bla bla.. you know what i mean.

so here it goes.

he has been the love of my life for almost about 3 years. at that time, i thought that i couldn't live without him. you know how it feels when you thought that you are so in love and you have the kind of feelings that he is the one for you. how lame is that ? HAHA. but, it is so rare(?) that high school love last long. but i do know that it's not impossible. so here, i wanna thank him for everything that he had done for me. thanks for all the gifts and the love. HAHA ;D

he is 2 years younger than me. we've been together for quite a while. he is the most honest and nicest guy i have ever known. seriously ! u can see his honesty and sincerity in his eyes. and when you talk to him, and look into his eyes, he can make your heart pound so fast. you can go speechless. his stares can make your heart melt. HAHA. to him, you know who you are. i just wanna say thank u so much for everything. you really know how to treat a girl. and i really appreciate everything that u had done for me. i know i have disappointed you in anyway. and for that, i am so sorry.

he has been my best friend during my high school year. he had change my life a lot. i don't know why, but somehow he is the only one so far that can really change me. i mean, change my attitude and stuff. he is the one that can lead me through the right path. you know what i mean ? but, i don't know what went wrong. things are not the same anymore now. i just wanted to say thank you so much for being a good friend to me. he really understands me well. he is the place where i used to share my problems with. and he is also the place where i seek for advice. so, thanks again.

what can i wrote about this guy ? okeyh. he is 1 year younger than me. he is such a sweet talker. and he is really good with words. sweet words to be exact. HAHA. his attitude is just like #1. seriously ! he is like the junior version of #1. and that is so not a good thing. HAHA. what ever it is, thank u so much for all the sweet talk and all the sweet things that you have done for me. thank u so much for treating me nicely and making me feel like a princess for once. HAHA. and I'm so sorry but i just don't see us being more than a friend. sorry !

he was my classmate since i'm 16. he had given me a lot of stuff to prove it to me that he really likes me. i know that you are such a nice guy. but again, i don't really see us as a couple. i am so sorry !! I've tried giving you back all the gifts that you gave me. but you insist me of keeping it. so, here i wanna say thank u for the teddy bear, books, shawl, pencil case, heart-shaped pillow, and all the souvenir from all over the world. i really really appreciate it. THANK YOU !

all of the guys i have mentioned above had come and go from my life. what i share with you here are just some of the things that they had done for me. i really appreciate having them as a part of my life. even just for a short time. but, i do hope that we can still remain as a friend.

it's true when people say that friends come and go.

i really hope that the friends i have now and my rwksta buddies will remain as my friends till my life ends ;)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


teringin nk tulis pasal aku dan dia.


takpelah. mungkin lain kali.
atau mungkin tidak.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


woah. it feels like it has been forever since i last updated my blog.

it's not that i didn't have anything to write
it's just that there are so many things to talk about and i don't really know where to start.

i really feel like writing some of my thoughts and stories here.
but, i don't find it safe (?) anymore to write things here in my blog.

there are so many judgments.

since a lot had happen, there is still one thing that lingering on my mind

how should i put it ?

would u help your family as in big family when you're having quite an easy life ?

i mean not all of your family members is fortunate like you do right ?
so would u help them ?

i know some of you might say yes.
but, how far would you help them ?
you might just said it to look good.

you know,
as i grow up
these sort of things come through my mind a lot
i became so close to reality.

it makes me realize that not all people including your big family are there to help u.
some of them are just too selfish.
but, you can always rely on your small family.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

pheww !

working days are finally over.

i used to be so excited for my contract with Am Assurance Berhad to end.
but when the time finally came, i suddenly felt so sad.

i will be missing them.
the staffs there.
saying goodbye to all of them today is just so sad.
tsk T.T

working there is a really great experience for me.
there are a lot of sweet memories.
of course there were a few of bad times
but, that is what makes the experience a lot more valuable.

i am so gonna miss them.
the New Business Department staffs.
thank you so much guys.

lotsa love,
saraseyra ;)

Monday, February 1, 2010

31st Jan

happy birthday to my late dad.
i miss you Ayah.
may Allah bless ur soul.

people often said that i look like my dad
and my aunt also said that the way i eat is just like him

the similarities that i have with him, i guess has made me feel so close to him
i truly miss him.

i love you Ayah.

Friday, January 15, 2010


this is my 100th entry specially written for YASMIN SYAMIMI.
*HAHA ;D padahal entri nie tadew kene mengena pown ngn myn ;P

okeyh. just wanted to write bout what happened today during my guitar lesson.


location; Room 14 at Yamaha, Wangsa Walk

teacher ; are u related to yuna ?
sara ; huhh ? wut ? *sambil berkerut dahi

teacher ; yeah. yuna the singer. r u related to her ?
sara ; haha. no. y ?

teacher ; owh. she reminds me of u.
sara ; hahaha ;D really ?

teacher ; yeah. when i see her i kinda think of u.
sara ; ^_____^

teacher ; it's not ur fault. it just slip through my mind when i see her.
sara ; thank u. i guess =.="


haha. i kinda get that a lot. LOL
neway, let me get it straight. i'm NOT trying to brag okeyh !
just wanted to share the stories. duhh -_-'

Sunday, January 10, 2010


i don't really understand why discrimination even exist.

most people don't like to discriminate nor they like to be discriminated
but still, discrimination exist

some people are just so foolish and live in this world with the thought that they're right and people who are different from them are wrong and abnormal.

just because people don't dress or think like you, that does not really mean that they are wrong. then, why the discrimination ?

i bet people who discriminate only lives among others who are just like them.

in this world, there so many races, cultures, languages and living lifestyle. so how can you even tell which are right and which are not ? we just have to accept the differences and respect each others custom. then, we can live peacefully.

people have their own perspective in seeing things. so why judge them based on that ? just because ones don't see things as you did and don't think the way you did, that does not necessarily mean that they are freaks. maybe it's you who are the freak.

i know I'm only 18 to talk bout stuff like this. but hey, it's just my opinion. i talked based on my experiences of being discriminated and based on what i observed.

till then, choww ^-^

Friday, January 8, 2010

Eighteen Rocks !

woah ! I'm officially EIGHTEEN on 7th january ;D

thank u to those who wished me yesterday ;

lala, aten, nad, alin, chap ( thnx fer d surprise ^-^ )

hananinot (my gay partner. ahha ;D ), nad, abg wan, yana ( sygg, tapaya gift pown tapew lar =B ), family, fareez, imran (my atok mude. HAHA), eemey, zara, kak ija, uncle ayie, natasha, fyna (my dear cuzie), asma, efa, tasha, mayah, uncle rizal, abg men, kangazul (pronounce as kang-a-zul), kak mai and last but not least, aunty mona and uncle zaki
*nama tak ikut susunan taw*

6th Jan

my peeps and i went to this so called motivational seminar which was lead by En. Zulfekar or also known as Kangazul (pronounce as kang-a-zul). the programme was called Heal for the Heart. it was a great programme. Kangazul is actually an indonesian and he has quite a lot of experiences in giving motivational seminar. i felt thet this programme is really good to heal my heart after quite some not-so-good experiences. cewahh. HAHA ;D

and from now on, do breathe correctly and use ur diaphragm when u're breathing to burn more calories. heee ^-^ infinite love and gratitude ;)

and so, after the seminar aten, lala, alin, nad, chap and me went to superstar, wangsa walk to go for karaoke. i refused to go in at first. but they insisted me of going in. i had no idea at all that there was gonna be a surprise for me. seriously ! i never really thought of it since it was one day earlier.

then, in room 800 nad brought a chocolate cake with the candles on and all of them sang the birthday song for me. i was speechless, happy and touched. awww. thank u so much guys =') love u guys lots <333

si birthday girl.
muka tgh tahan nangis and gelak. HAHA ;P

terima kasih cik LALAt ;)
yew, tahu gmba nie goyang. suka hati lahh ;B

my peeps are having fun ;)

this is what i love to do most.
texting <33>

tiba masa untuk si gadis 18 pula menyumbangkan suara.

tahu. nampak cm drag queen kn ?

my peeps sebok bergoyang. jadi the sofa is all mine.
ahha =D

muka nk dewasa jew semua. kn kn ? heee ^-^

muka ceria si gadis 18
terima kasih my anak-anak ikan ^3^

muka gembira lepas penat melalak ;)

7th Jan

i already planned to go and catch a movie with him on 6th jan. but we had to cancelled it coz his dad was using the car. so he promised me that he'll take me to the movie today. wanna know what happened ? he had to call it of AGAIN. i was super damn frustated. hell yeah ! it was a last minute thingy. he had to drove his brother to get a car coz his brother was involve in a minor accident and does not have a car to drive to work. pffft =.=" yeah, i know i sound selfish. i just wanted at least to spent a little time with him on my birthday. that's all.

since i don't have any plans, Aunty Mona or i also address her as my mak angkat brought Ija and I to Ikano Power Centre. we had our dinner at The Steamboat Ketam Village. it was super delicious. trust me. HAHA ;D we went there to celebrate my birthday and ija's successfulness in PMR. she got 8A's in PMR. so, congrates to her ;)

this is the food that we ordered.
most of it was already half empty. haha ;P

meet Aunty Mona and her husband, Uncle Zaki.
they are sort of my adopted parents. ahha ;)

bibir merah sebab panas and pedas.
xsaba sgt nk mkn coz sedap amat. ahha ^-^

enjoying our meals ;)

muka happy lepas mkn and dpt ice blended honeydew ;)
i've been craving for that ice blended since the afternoon.

i got a pair of shoes from Aunty Mona and uncle Zaki.
thank u so much guys <33>
me and Aunty Mona.
thank u so much for the treats !!

p/s ; thank u so much to my anak-anak ikan for all the effort that u guys have made to surprise me ;) and thank u to those who wished me and gave a treat/gift. THANK YOU ^-^

Monday, January 4, 2010


it was a very busy month for me

back from Sabah,
we have to work our ass out to prepare for the wedding
which was on 1st jan

so much for celebrating new year

i slept at 7.30 a.m on 31st dec
and woke up at 10 or 11 i guess

so much for my beauty sleep huhh

pictures will be uploaded soon