Friday, January 15, 2010


this is my 100th entry specially written for YASMIN SYAMIMI.
*HAHA ;D padahal entri nie tadew kene mengena pown ngn myn ;P

okeyh. just wanted to write bout what happened today during my guitar lesson.


location; Room 14 at Yamaha, Wangsa Walk

teacher ; are u related to yuna ?
sara ; huhh ? wut ? *sambil berkerut dahi

teacher ; yeah. yuna the singer. r u related to her ?
sara ; haha. no. y ?

teacher ; owh. she reminds me of u.
sara ; hahaha ;D really ?

teacher ; yeah. when i see her i kinda think of u.
sara ; ^_____^

teacher ; it's not ur fault. it just slip through my mind when i see her.
sara ; thank u. i guess =.="


haha. i kinda get that a lot. LOL
neway, let me get it straight. i'm NOT trying to brag okeyh !
just wanted to share the stories. duhh -_-'

Sunday, January 10, 2010


i don't really understand why discrimination even exist.

most people don't like to discriminate nor they like to be discriminated
but still, discrimination exist

some people are just so foolish and live in this world with the thought that they're right and people who are different from them are wrong and abnormal.

just because people don't dress or think like you, that does not really mean that they are wrong. then, why the discrimination ?

i bet people who discriminate only lives among others who are just like them.

in this world, there so many races, cultures, languages and living lifestyle. so how can you even tell which are right and which are not ? we just have to accept the differences and respect each others custom. then, we can live peacefully.

people have their own perspective in seeing things. so why judge them based on that ? just because ones don't see things as you did and don't think the way you did, that does not necessarily mean that they are freaks. maybe it's you who are the freak.

i know I'm only 18 to talk bout stuff like this. but hey, it's just my opinion. i talked based on my experiences of being discriminated and based on what i observed.

till then, choww ^-^

Friday, January 8, 2010

Eighteen Rocks !

woah ! I'm officially EIGHTEEN on 7th january ;D

thank u to those who wished me yesterday ;

lala, aten, nad, alin, chap ( thnx fer d surprise ^-^ )

hananinot (my gay partner. ahha ;D ), nad, abg wan, yana ( sygg, tapaya gift pown tapew lar =B ), family, fareez, imran (my atok mude. HAHA), eemey, zara, kak ija, uncle ayie, natasha, fyna (my dear cuzie), asma, efa, tasha, mayah, uncle rizal, abg men, kangazul (pronounce as kang-a-zul), kak mai and last but not least, aunty mona and uncle zaki
*nama tak ikut susunan taw*

6th Jan

my peeps and i went to this so called motivational seminar which was lead by En. Zulfekar or also known as Kangazul (pronounce as kang-a-zul). the programme was called Heal for the Heart. it was a great programme. Kangazul is actually an indonesian and he has quite a lot of experiences in giving motivational seminar. i felt thet this programme is really good to heal my heart after quite some not-so-good experiences. cewahh. HAHA ;D

and from now on, do breathe correctly and use ur diaphragm when u're breathing to burn more calories. heee ^-^ infinite love and gratitude ;)

and so, after the seminar aten, lala, alin, nad, chap and me went to superstar, wangsa walk to go for karaoke. i refused to go in at first. but they insisted me of going in. i had no idea at all that there was gonna be a surprise for me. seriously ! i never really thought of it since it was one day earlier.

then, in room 800 nad brought a chocolate cake with the candles on and all of them sang the birthday song for me. i was speechless, happy and touched. awww. thank u so much guys =') love u guys lots <333

si birthday girl.
muka tgh tahan nangis and gelak. HAHA ;P

terima kasih cik LALAt ;)
yew, tahu gmba nie goyang. suka hati lahh ;B

my peeps are having fun ;)

this is what i love to do most.
texting <33>

tiba masa untuk si gadis 18 pula menyumbangkan suara.

tahu. nampak cm drag queen kn ?

my peeps sebok bergoyang. jadi the sofa is all mine.
ahha =D

muka nk dewasa jew semua. kn kn ? heee ^-^

muka ceria si gadis 18
terima kasih my anak-anak ikan ^3^

muka gembira lepas penat melalak ;)

7th Jan

i already planned to go and catch a movie with him on 6th jan. but we had to cancelled it coz his dad was using the car. so he promised me that he'll take me to the movie today. wanna know what happened ? he had to call it of AGAIN. i was super damn frustated. hell yeah ! it was a last minute thingy. he had to drove his brother to get a car coz his brother was involve in a minor accident and does not have a car to drive to work. pffft =.=" yeah, i know i sound selfish. i just wanted at least to spent a little time with him on my birthday. that's all.

since i don't have any plans, Aunty Mona or i also address her as my mak angkat brought Ija and I to Ikano Power Centre. we had our dinner at The Steamboat Ketam Village. it was super delicious. trust me. HAHA ;D we went there to celebrate my birthday and ija's successfulness in PMR. she got 8A's in PMR. so, congrates to her ;)

this is the food that we ordered.
most of it was already half empty. haha ;P

meet Aunty Mona and her husband, Uncle Zaki.
they are sort of my adopted parents. ahha ;)

bibir merah sebab panas and pedas.
xsaba sgt nk mkn coz sedap amat. ahha ^-^

enjoying our meals ;)

muka happy lepas mkn and dpt ice blended honeydew ;)
i've been craving for that ice blended since the afternoon.

i got a pair of shoes from Aunty Mona and uncle Zaki.
thank u so much guys <33>
me and Aunty Mona.
thank u so much for the treats !!

p/s ; thank u so much to my anak-anak ikan for all the effort that u guys have made to surprise me ;) and thank u to those who wished me and gave a treat/gift. THANK YOU ^-^

Monday, January 4, 2010


it was a very busy month for me

back from Sabah,
we have to work our ass out to prepare for the wedding
which was on 1st jan

so much for celebrating new year

i slept at 7.30 a.m on 31st dec
and woke up at 10 or 11 i guess

so much for my beauty sleep huhh

pictures will be uploaded soon