Monday, June 29, 2009


there are so many things that i wanted to say.
but i don't really know where to start.

i know I'm such a burden
i should never be born into this world
all i ever did was hurt people
and caused problems

i never lied to you
all the things i said was true
i never have any intention of hurting you
but i guess that is what i just did out of blue

everything i told you was sincerely from my heart
but there was a thing that i just realized
and i know it tear your heart apart
but trust me, i never lied to you from the start

I'm sorry to all of you
who i ever hurt or caused problems to

worry no more dear
coz i won't disturb you anymore
wish you all the best in your life
happy always and you'll never be replaced

i always love you mama
and i miss you so much ayah
sometimes i wish you were here
hold me close and shed away my tears

I'm not questioning the fate
nor do I'm blaming my destiny
but i guess I'm not strong enough
to go through all this with my agony

robohkanlah dinding egomu itu sayang
lembutkanlah kekerasan hatimu itu
belajarlah mengalah sesekali waktu
aku terlalu rindu akan dikau yang lalu



Izzati said...

I'm with you ;)