Thursday, October 22, 2009

To All Form4 Students

Good luck for your final exam guys ^-^

and to you ;

i wanna see how far and how good you were without me
since when u're with me, you can't pay any attention to ur studies right
i bet u can do so when u're with her.


i wanna see how great ur final exam result will be
i wanna see u be at the top position in ur class
and i bet u'r mom doesn't scold u anymore right.

aku pasti kau punya result mesti GEMPAK punya lahh.


and and, i also heard that ur discipline agk menurun dlm pengawas.
what happen eyh ?
i tot i'm d one that made u sorta bad.
i guess that proves that i'm NOT.

ahha ;D

Thursday, October 15, 2009


tadi time BM, like always
cikgu akan bagi motivation or even some advice
i love her when she do that ^-^

since SPM was just around the corner
so, cikgu gave us some advice
on the technique of how we should study
until the big day come

so one of her advice that really caught my ear was ;
buat baik dan jaga hubungan baik dengan ibubapa, guru dan KAWAN-KAWAN
barulah boleh berjaya

i guess she was right
see, we do need friends in our life
so, to those out there who think that they can survive without ANY friends
i think u should really think twice about it

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Forgive and Forget (?)

yeah, it is so much easier to apologise to people
after mistakes had been done

so much easier to forgive people for their mistakes
after all, we are humans

but to forget is so much harder

you don't easily forget ur memories
especially when it was the sweet one and even the bitter one

you don't easily torn up somebody's heart or soul
with all your promises and words
and in the end, apologise for what you have done

what do you expect ?
you expect them to just forget about it ?
pfft. it might takes time

i had forgive you a long time ago
but, to forget ?
i don't know.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Quality Time

today i spent some quality time with my mom
just the two of us
i love spending time with her

my mom made an appointment for me at 3
so i had facial and my mom had her hair spa

since both of us haven't had our lunch yet,
so we decided to go and eat at nz

while waiting for our food
my mom suddenly said ;
"kalau mama tanya nie, along jangan mara eyh ?"

i was like ;
"mmm, okeyh. pasal ape ? pasal tudung eyh ?"
*yew. aku tak pakai tudung time tuhh. pegi lahh mengumpat*

then my mom said ;
"tak lahh. bukan pasal tuhh. along ngn ______ ade papew kew ?"

me *muke lega. HAHA* ;
"takde lahh. cuzin jew. perlu kew ade papew ? HAHA. knp ?"

so the conversation goes on
i even told her the BIG secret that i know
and asked her some advice on it

i really like the way she approached me tadi.

i felt very happy everytime we had the mother-daughter talk
she can be a great friend when i need somebody to talk to
and a great mother when i need some wise advice


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Missing You

i love it when you always smell nice.
i love the smell of your perfume.

awwww. i think i'm falling for you.
ahha ^-^