Friday, June 19, 2009


yesterday i received a call from kak hana from Stream Entertainment and Production asking me whether i could come to their place on Friday at 3 which is today or not. they wanted me to do a casting as they are searching for new talents.

so, i said I'm not sure yet since i have to ask my mom first. then that night i told my mom about the call. and whether i could go or not. and she said, why not. then i called kak hana back and told her that i could go.

so, today i went there with my mom. they asked me to fill a form and i did. then kak qys explained a lil bit about the casting to me. if i was accepted in this casting which i'm not confident that i will get, i will have to attend classes which they will train me on how to be a singer, model and actress. HAHA =P

so, the first thing that i was asked to do was pose. i have to pose for 4 different poses. then a closed up photography.

second thing that i got to do was act. they asked me to do 3 different facial expression which were sad, mad and happy.

then, i have to do a lil catwalk and pose.

the last one was my favourite one =) the asked me to sing. so i sung a song called the show by Lenka. i love that song =)

after all that, kak qys called me to her room. she said that i have a great voice but it needed to be brush up a lil bit. and she also said that i have a potential and can go far in modelling. she said that i was thin and tall. bt, i was like what ?? =_=" i am so NOT what she said i am. haha =D

then, she explained to me about the classes. this means that i was accepted. yeayy !!! but, i have to asked my mom first of course. and i didn't make any decision yet whether to accept the offer or not. any oppinion guys ? haha ;)

so that was a lil bit about the casting. toodles ^-^

p/s ; i dont have any attention of bragging okeyh biatch !! ^^


Aina said...

you should totally do it!! :D gosh, how could you not??! told ya you had potential ;) all the best ^^v

ps. i plak yg troverexcited ;P lol.

Izzati said...

oh my gosh sayangg !! why not? i knw u can do it! go sara go sara ^-^

saraosman said...

so sorry to let u guys down darings. but i already turned off the offer. haha =D

JimeMalek said...

what the hell are u thinking abt?
why ? why?
beb! u could be the next yuna
mayb the next Erra Fazira and sape tau the next Gemma ward?
gosh beb!
why? why ? why?


Aina said...

awwh. oh, well, you've got your spm anyway. all the best on that! :D i know you can ace it all ^^

saraosman said...

jime ; haha =D what's in my head right now is only SPM. furthermore, my mid year exam's result were kinda sucks. i'm afraid nnty xdpt bhgikn mase. that's why i turned off the offer ;)

aina ; haha. hope so ;)