Friday, December 11, 2009

SPM was over

and i don't know why
but somehow i felt kinda bored

i was so excited to finish school before
but now, i'm not so sure about it anymore

there's no more school
i didn't know what to do

no more homework needed to be done
and no more book needed to be revised

i might die bcoz of boredom
haha xD

neway, December might be a busy month for me
a lot of things needed to be done
till 1st Jan comes around

my uncle asked us
the cousins to perform during my cousin's wedding
on 1st Jan

so we need to practice hard
for it to be perfect

i'll upload the video
if there's one. haha ;P

and i'll be going to sabah
on 23rd Dec till 29th Dec

oh, i am so gonna miss my friends
we must hang together next year
okeyh guys ?

don't forget all the plans
that we've made.
haha =)

till then,
toodles~ ^-^


Hanan Izaty said...

haha tau takpeeeeee kan.
i'm gonna miss you bebeh!nanti kita upload gambar last day sekolah hari tu ^-^

saraseyra ; said...

heee. oryte sygg ^-^ ly 2 tahu ? =D

Hanan Izaty said...

tahhu la sygg ^-^

Fahimi Indra said...

g kawenla...hahah :P

saraseyra ; said...

tamaw lahh kawen. HAHA =D