Friday, February 27, 2009

About a Girl

this is a story about a girl
she was the blame for everything twirl
she was said to have a scandal
but the fact is that it was just a label

yes, she did ask for a break up
but that doesn't mean she has to fake out
how she feels or the way she felt
before and after she breaks and cracks

she was blame to have a guy
the reason for her to say goodbye
that was not the reason why
she cries her eyes out to the sky

one thing that she didn't understand
he once so hard to leave her hands
is now happy with someone else
trying to make her down and fell

is he acting or is it true ?
she asked herself everyday till noon
he text her and said i still love you
making her feel so sad and blue

he said that he is down and so do sad
with the break up that she has planned and made
but the way he acted doesn't show the bleed
as if the love already fade and dead

it's not a month yet
how could that be ?
so fast he changed
maybe that was the real he

she didn't regret the decision she made
it's just that she hope he would stop the play
trying to make her feel jealous and sway
instead she feels mad, furious and rage

created and written by ; saraosman

p/s ; if i am the one who is the playgirl, i should have texted or flirting with other guys. but the fact is that, it is you who did so. not even a day after we break up, u already texting and flirting with other girls. so much for "i love you so much and i can't forget you"


adilahalim ; said...

sabar dan terus bersabar.

aku tak boleh nak nasihat lebih lebih, sebab aku pun kurang arif dalam hal hal sebegini.

cuma, tarik nafas dalam dalam dan ingat masih ramai yg sayang kau.


jiwa kau untuk dunia lah sara, bukan hanya untuk si 'dia' main-mainkan.

saraosman said...

than lalink ;)