Thursday, October 30, 2008

still loving you

i met you at school today
i asked you how you feel towards me
you didn't answer me at first
so i kept asking you the same question
you stared deeply into my eyes
i can't stand it when you stared at me
so i looked down
i asked you the question again
then you said, the stared is the answer
i pretend that i don't understand it
cause i don't want to make any assumption
still you don't give me the answer
i told you that i have to make a decision
i have to choose between you and him
you said that it's my life, not yours
you are okeyh with who ever i choose
i said how can i make my decision
when i don't really know how you feel towards me
then you said " I STILL LOVE YOU "
i'm totally speechless
i can still remember your expression when you said it
i can see your sincerity in you eyes
owh, what a life
you gave me the answer that i hope for
but, with that answer
it makes it harder for me to choose
i HATE being in dilemma
*date happened: 30.10.08