Saturday, December 6, 2008


Oh my God !
I'm really really down right now
suddenly I'm not in the mood to do anything

S.H.I.T !

okeyh. let me just list down things that make me
so totally out of my mood

1. the performance got delayed to 20th dec
and by that time, i will be in Bali
guess what ?
i wont be performing !
fuck ! that is the only thing that I've been looking forward on this dec

2. my grammar is getting worst each day
fuck that !

3. i don't know how to write
and i don't even know what to write

4. my wallet is getting 'skinnier' each day
got what i mean ?

5. I'm missing my friends LOADS

6. I'm still finding the REAL me

7. I'm tired of being what people want me to be

8. annoyed by people interfering my life
my mom doesn't even say anything

9. my lame school doesn't have prom
i seriously hope i can go to prom for my final year

10. i wish i have....
let me just keep the last one to myself