Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Akmalianz (05-07) Reunion

OMG. the reunion was a BLAST ! it has been a long time since we last met. okeyh. maybe it's not that long. but still, it is more than 3 days right. whatever it is, i miss u guys loads ! u guys are the best !

the reunion was held at Jinbara. we were supposed to be there at 8
a.m. but, i went there quite late. since i just got back from Bali yesterday. so, i have to unpacked all my stuff first, then I'll go to Jinbara.

even though i was late, they seem so glad that i came. they were shouting and calling my name as i got there. awww. so sweet guys. i feel loved. heee. owh, as i got there, all of them were chilling in the river.

the water was just too tempting to resist. haha. at first, i thought that ma
ybe I'll just go there and meet with my friends. so, i just brought an extra shirt and towel. i didn't plan on getting wet actually.

but my friends insist that i go into the water. like i said before, the water w
as just too tempting. so, i went right in with my shirt and jeans. can you imagine swimming with your jeans on. haha. the water was iced cold. grrr.

we also had a barbecue there. the chicken was delicious. thanks to amie ;) owh. totally forgot to tell you something. since i didn't bring an extra pants, amie lend me his kain pelekat. imagine me wearing a kain pelekat and a shirt. i looked hideous yet funny. haha. jsyk, i don't know how to wear a kain pelekat. so, i just wore it my style. heee.

so, here are some of the photos. enjoy ;)

i love you guys loads =)

this is before i got wet and stuff.

this is me wearing a kain pelekat. i look handsome huhh. haha =D

alia wore her towel as a tudung and i wore amie's kain pelekat. haha =D

p/s; I'll wrote about Bali right after i got back from PD okeyh guys. btw, I'll be going to PD tomorrow. wish me a safe journey ;)


afinatales said...

gaha. u do look handsome.