Wednesday, December 24, 2008


i just realize that adults will always be an adult. i mean, no matter how childish they seem or how supporting and understanding they are, they will always be an adult.

i guess I've made a huge mistake by telling you that. I'm sorry guys. i can't tell you what that is.

actually, that was supposed to be a joke. not an insult or anything else that you think it was. i guess adults don't think like us, teenagers and youngsters. guess adults and teens don't think alike.

i told you that coz i thought you'd understand and take it as a joke as i hope you do. but you don't.

but, why can't you think and take that the way that i did. just as a joke. you're once a teenager. why don't you understand ?

i guess that's what makes adults an adult, and teenagers a teen. that's what makes adults different from teens.

it's all human nature. i can't just blame adults right ? it'll be totally unfair. teens should try to understand adults more. at least once. am i right ? haha.

p/s; i am so NOT talking about my mom.


Aina said...

yo, what's up?