Wednesday, November 26, 2008


i don't really know what is wrong with me now
i am happy with my life
but at the same time I'm not
owh GOD !
please help me understand
what is really happening around me
and what is really wrong with me

real friends are really hard to find right now
i may not be your real friends
but i hope i do
I'll try my best to be your real friends
and i hope you do to

but to bad
you don't
maybe I'm just too much for you
or maybe you just don't understand me

I'm so effing tired
thinking bout these dumb asses in my life
and these effing problems
that i think can't be solve

but, who cares right
people just don't care
they are just too selfish
maybe I'm just one of them
in others' eyes

maybe some of you
might ask me what is really wrong with me
actually, i don't know
can you believe me
okay, maybe i do know
but, i don't really feel like sharing it right now

okay, right now
at this exact moment
I'm trying my best not to talk shit

*deep breathe*

why do i suddenly feel like crying
feelings oh feelings
why do i feel this way

i can't wait to go home
and pick up my guitar
strum it as hard as i can
and sing my lungs out
only these can make me feel better

sorry people
that i so call friends
i guess i have found my real friend
which i can rely on
to comfort me when I'm down
and laugh with me when I'm sad
and hate the people that i hate

thanks for always be there for me
my favourite THING