Thursday, October 30, 2008

love affair

the first time we met
we just smiled at each other
then we became friends
you are really good to me
you are funny and cute
but you are 2 years younger than me
but it's okeyh
age is just a number right ?
then i add you on myspace
suddenly, one day
you asked me to be your girlfriend
i didn't give you my answer at that time
after a few days later
i met you at school and i said YES !
you smiled and we became more than friends
everything went really great
we even went out together
you treat me very well
you really know how to treat a girl

but then, one day
things got worst
i got back with my ex
we were just friends at first
but it seems like we can't forget each other
we can't let go of each other
then he broke up with his girlfriend
i don't know what to do
it has been a long time since you contacted me
you rarely text me and you never call me
than, i make a decision to break up with you
at first, you don't want to let me go
but, i said my decision is final
i'm sorry for doing this to you

now, i'm getting back with my ex
you and him are in one team which is nasyid
he said that you and him doesn't talk much anymore
then, he asked me to accept you back
he said that you really really love me
many people said you do
but still, i don't know what to do

at first, breaking up with you seems like the right thing to do
now, i'm not really sure anymore
people said that you are really sad
that you really can't let me go
but i just don't know what to do
i feel guilty
he kept asking me to accept you
he even asked me if i felt guilty by breaking up with you
and i said i YES
then he said that if i felt guilty, i must have loved you
i guess he was right
or is he ?
i don't really know
but i've made my decision
i chose him over you
i'm really sorry sayang
now, i feel really sad, guilty and wrong about my decision

does that mean that i love you ?
i don't know.

i can't bear seeing him with other girl
but at the same time, i feel like i want you
why can't i just have both ?
why do i have to choose ?
sometimes i kept thinking
what would it be like if i chose you instead ?
guess i will never know
now i kept thinking about you
i'm sorry for breaking your heart
i feel like i MISS you
miss you so much
but' i'm not really sure about it
you seems like you are trying to avoid me
hope you don't
really hope we can be friends
i'm really sorry for doing this to you
seriously, i don't really know what i feel right now
i feel guilty
does that mean that i love you ?
i miss you
does that mean that i love you ?
i kept remembering our memories
does that mean that i love you ?

p/s ; i know some of you might think that i'm bad. but, you just don't know how the real situation is. this is just a summary. it might take a long time to for me to explain it to you the real thing. everybody has their own opinion including you. so typical of you to judge me by what i wrote.


diana(: said...

i shed tears when i was reading this.
akak. pandai lah tulis blog(:
and your ♥ story, sedih laa.

Fahimi Pramanta said...

wallah! thats rite!

Syaaa Roslan said...

fariz? haish. menyebok je. hee.
i hope you dont mind me reading your blog :]

Seyra28; said...

of course not dear ;)