Friday, October 31, 2008


we often have to choose in life
from what type of food should we eat
what product should we use
where is the best place to study
which hospital serves the best treatment
and even what clothes should we wear

all the choices that we make depends on the situation
the choices might change our life
it may brings us happiness or even disaster
we might be grateful with our choice or regret it

but once the choice has been made
you can't turn back time
your regret won't change anything
life must go on
that is why we have to choose wisely
follow your heart
follow your instinct
and just wish that the choice you make is the right one

what can love spare us ?
it often brings us happiness
but with that, there are also sorrow, tears and sadness
choices in love are one of the hardest choice to make
whom ever we choose, one heart will got broken
some might not bear seeing the person that they love being broken hearted
but that is the reality
we can't just leave them waiting and hoping
at the end of the day, we have to choose only ONE
such a DILEMMA

why do we have to choose ?
why can't we have both ?
it's human nature to feel such feelings
making choices is not the best thing to do
it is hard to make a choice when you have great things to choose from
what a life huhh ?
how hard making choices is, still we have to CHOOSE