Friday, January 15, 2010


this is my 100th entry specially written for YASMIN SYAMIMI.
*HAHA ;D padahal entri nie tadew kene mengena pown ngn myn ;P

okeyh. just wanted to write bout what happened today during my guitar lesson.


location; Room 14 at Yamaha, Wangsa Walk

teacher ; are u related to yuna ?
sara ; huhh ? wut ? *sambil berkerut dahi

teacher ; yeah. yuna the singer. r u related to her ?
sara ; haha. no. y ?

teacher ; owh. she reminds me of u.
sara ; hahaha ;D really ?

teacher ; yeah. when i see her i kinda think of u.
sara ; ^_____^

teacher ; it's not ur fault. it just slip through my mind when i see her.
sara ; thank u. i guess =.="


haha. i kinda get that a lot. LOL
neway, let me get it straight. i'm NOT trying to brag okeyh !
just wanted to share the stories. duhh -_-'


.L A L A. said...

ehem. yuna duh. ehem. hehe :p

saraseyra ; said...

diam ahh cik LALAt ;P

Anonymous said...

coz when im with her..
im thinking of you..
thinking of you..

lagu yg terngiang2 kat telinge die mase jumpe yuna..