Thursday, April 8, 2010

Come and Go

this entry is dedicated to the guys who had come into my life, brightens up my day and then..
poof ! they disappear. not really disappear. it's just that time goes by, people change, and bla bla bla.. you know what i mean.

so here it goes.

he has been the love of my life for almost about 3 years. at that time, i thought that i couldn't live without him. you know how it feels when you thought that you are so in love and you have the kind of feelings that he is the one for you. how lame is that ? HAHA. but, it is so rare(?) that high school love last long. but i do know that it's not impossible. so here, i wanna thank him for everything that he had done for me. thanks for all the gifts and the love. HAHA ;D

he is 2 years younger than me. we've been together for quite a while. he is the most honest and nicest guy i have ever known. seriously ! u can see his honesty and sincerity in his eyes. and when you talk to him, and look into his eyes, he can make your heart pound so fast. you can go speechless. his stares can make your heart melt. HAHA. to him, you know who you are. i just wanna say thank u so much for everything. you really know how to treat a girl. and i really appreciate everything that u had done for me. i know i have disappointed you in anyway. and for that, i am so sorry.

he has been my best friend during my high school year. he had change my life a lot. i don't know why, but somehow he is the only one so far that can really change me. i mean, change my attitude and stuff. he is the one that can lead me through the right path. you know what i mean ? but, i don't know what went wrong. things are not the same anymore now. i just wanted to say thank you so much for being a good friend to me. he really understands me well. he is the place where i used to share my problems with. and he is also the place where i seek for advice. so, thanks again.

what can i wrote about this guy ? okeyh. he is 1 year younger than me. he is such a sweet talker. and he is really good with words. sweet words to be exact. HAHA. his attitude is just like #1. seriously ! he is like the junior version of #1. and that is so not a good thing. HAHA. what ever it is, thank u so much for all the sweet talk and all the sweet things that you have done for me. thank u so much for treating me nicely and making me feel like a princess for once. HAHA. and I'm so sorry but i just don't see us being more than a friend. sorry !

he was my classmate since i'm 16. he had given me a lot of stuff to prove it to me that he really likes me. i know that you are such a nice guy. but again, i don't really see us as a couple. i am so sorry !! I've tried giving you back all the gifts that you gave me. but you insist me of keeping it. so, here i wanna say thank u for the teddy bear, books, shawl, pencil case, heart-shaped pillow, and all the souvenir from all over the world. i really really appreciate it. THANK YOU !

all of the guys i have mentioned above had come and go from my life. what i share with you here are just some of the things that they had done for me. i really appreciate having them as a part of my life. even just for a short time. but, i do hope that we can still remain as a friend.

it's true when people say that friends come and go.

i really hope that the friends i have now and my rwksta buddies will remain as my friends till my life ends ;)


.L A L A. said...

'i really hope that the friends i have now and my rwksta buddies will remain as my friends till my life ends ;)'

Amin ! :]

saraseyra ; said...

Amin. heee ^-^

Anonymous said...

sesame. sorry to. moge berjaya ke akhirnya with iman dan taqwa dalam jiwa dan hati. salam.