Sunday, January 10, 2010


i don't really understand why discrimination even exist.

most people don't like to discriminate nor they like to be discriminated
but still, discrimination exist

some people are just so foolish and live in this world with the thought that they're right and people who are different from them are wrong and abnormal.

just because people don't dress or think like you, that does not really mean that they are wrong. then, why the discrimination ?

i bet people who discriminate only lives among others who are just like them.

in this world, there so many races, cultures, languages and living lifestyle. so how can you even tell which are right and which are not ? we just have to accept the differences and respect each others custom. then, we can live peacefully.

people have their own perspective in seeing things. so why judge them based on that ? just because ones don't see things as you did and don't think the way you did, that does not necessarily mean that they are freaks. maybe it's you who are the freak.

i know I'm only 18 to talk bout stuff like this. but hey, it's just my opinion. i talked based on my experiences of being discriminated and based on what i observed.

till then, choww ^-^


afinatales said...

there's no such thing as to young to voice out. and i agree with ur opinion cuzie

lailatul. A said...

i agree :)