Friday, May 14, 2010

Today Was A Fairytale

Today was a fairytale
You were the prince
I used to be a damsel in distress
You took me by the hand and you picked me up at six
Today was a fairytale

i am so in love with that song ;]

anyway, yesterday (13th May) we went shopping to buy some stuff for me since I'm going to UiTM soon. i love shopping with him. he really knows how to give me some fashion advices. hehe
so, we decided to go to BB to buy some clothes.

before that, we decided to have our lunch first. since it has been forever since we last met (haha. it has only been almost 2 weeks actually. i love exaggerating ^^ ) , we decided to go and have our lunch at some fancy restaurant. HAHA. so we walked to Chili's in KLCC from BB since he already parked the car in BB.

then suddenly while we were enjoying our lunch, the rain started falling. we were like, oh great ! how are we suppose to go back to BB ? *sigh so, we decided to chill a lil bit longer there. at least till the rain stops. but, too bad. it started to rain heavily. so, we went window shopping in KLCC for a while until i decided that we should go back to BB.

i wanted to buy an umbrella. but, he said that it would be such a waste. and i was like, wtv. okeyh then. he decided that we just walked through the rain. really good idea sayang -_-' he gave me his cap and we walked and run through the rain. thank god that it does not rain heavily.

imagine me in my heels running through the rain. =_________=" my feet was aching. seriously. and we were soaking wet. but it was really a fun and so-called-romantic experience. HAHA ;D

we do manage to reach BB. but of course we were WET and COLD. so we shop with that condition and then went back home. so, here are some picture of us. enjoy ;)

at chili's while waiting for our food.

ehem. hensem lahh tuhh ? :P

he ate chicken spaghetti and i ate swiss-mushroom burger.
delicious ;)
owh, and that is the other half of my burger which i can't finish.
i only manage to finish half of it as always. heee ^__^

happy faces with full stomach ;]
mata yang tak cukup tidur and senyum yang tak ikhlas.

yup. we do love making faces ^^

this is when we were on our way home.
we were stuck in a traffic jam and we were still wet when this picture is taken.



Hanan Izaty said...

anyway awak comel okayy ^-^

Hanan Izaty said...

"he gave me his cap"

awwwwww! xPP

"i only manage to finish half of it as always. heee ^__^ "

samee! we're twin! hehe ^___^


saraseyra ; said...

heee ^_______^ kte kn mmg twin sygg ;) anyway, thnk u ^^

Yasmin Syamimi said...

gile ah sara dah beli barang2 U..
kite xbuat ape2 pong lagi..

ohye gamba yg anugerah cemerlang tu kite tarok kt blog kite.
kalau nk amek kt situ jela,kite kan takde fb..tabole upload kt situ =p

saraseyra ; said...

takut lahh nk buat last minute preparation. coz nnty if ade brng yg takde jauh nk hantar or beli. haihh -_-'

BMX photo said...

keep up the good work dear 0_0