Sunday, June 21, 2009


first of all, i wanted to wish a big fat happy birthday to my super gay partner, hanan izzati =)
happy 17th birthday sayangg !!

so today, we (me, nad, hanan and safwan) went to pavilion to celebrate hanan's birthday. our plan was to go for a karaoke at red box. but, the price was way expensive on Sunday. so we decided skipped the karaoke and just went for a lunch instead.

we had our lunch at Carl's Jr. and we spent hours there talking and laughing our lungs out. haha =D the burger was huge. so we decided to share. i shared my food with nad, and hanan shared hers with safwan. awww, they were so sweet. trust me =)

after hours at Carl's Jr, we went to the surau and had our prayer. we just spent a few more hours at pavilion. then back to klcc and back home.

seriously, hanan and safwan were so sweet together today. seeing them together reminds me a lot at the time when i had a boyfriend. haha =P

suddenly, i felt like i miss the moment when i used to have one. don't get me wrong. i don't miss my ex. i just miss the moment that we shared. we would talked, laughed and just enjoyed each second that we shared and spent together.

i am not desperate to have a boyfriend right now. it's not like I'd die without 'em. single is fun. trust me. ;)

and to you my dear, may god bless you and may you pass ur spm with flying colours. smoge berkekalan dengan safwan. love you lots huney <33 xoxo =)


JimeMalek said...

"time when i had a boyfriend"

i think u already have one rite?


hananinot said...

aww.I love you mucho-mucho sweetheart ^_^

pft.I already knw the fact that I am sweet as need to mention,OK? LOL xp

and yeaahh.he's so cool kan sygg?^^
tak sweet pun cool je u_u

Aina said...

no, no, single's not fun. not when you've been single for two friggin straight years and counting! :P hahaa. although, scandals are always fun ;P LOL. haih, i long for that feeling..

saraseyra ; said...

jime ; i don't have one lahh. scandal ade lahh. haha =D

izzati ; yeah. kte taw awk sweet sygg ;)

aina ; yup2. scandals are fun. i agree with on that ;)

hananinot said...

sayangg! jangan la puji kt mcm tu.malu la T_T

haha :p

.L A L A. said...

mai god senah.
i de tengok vid u lawan mkn ngn hanan.
ya Allah sumpah lame gilaaaaa kot video tu.

*sedikit off topic,
but i don't care. haha!
and yeah, i agree,
hanan ngn safwan sweet whoh.
jeles ai.

saraseyra ; said...

haha. i pown jeles tgk dowg ;)